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QCTV: The New Physiology of the Divine Humans with Shekinah & Sananda Kryst

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On this powerful 11/11 Gateway Shekinah and Sananda will be Live, and sharing about this portal into 2022 – the Master Builder Year of all years, thus far. Shekinah and Sananda will be speaking into the topic of the necessary initiations on the spiritual path, and how that is represented on the Global Scale in the world at this time.

They have tracked, measured and seen many unprecedented Cosmic events that take place between now and 2024, and will be speaking about the importance of Cultivation to be able to access the energies entering the Solar System for our advancement.

They will also be revealing how you can activate your own Golden Age physiology for these upcoming times of grand transformation for humanity, and prepare your system to anchor in the Golden Age.

Join Shekinah & Sananda for another epic live interview with these Ascended Master teachings.

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Shekinah & Sananda

About Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji Kryst

Having reunited at the Great Pyramid of Egypt, they began their merging of life paths and service work, both already having established their own world followings. As they met, they remembered that they were already married and had walked together in service before this life, re-cited their last incarnations set of vows within the King’s Chamber after only days of the rekindling. Led by this Divine Love marriage sharing beatific vision, Ancient Wisdom and gnosis of unchanging Truth, Shekinah Ma And SanandaJi have walked the path of the Initiated Mystic and now help their TwinRay global community to action selfless service to humanity and the Earth. This is accomplished through powerful healing certifications, free Sat Sangs, retreat immersions, living artwork, protective jewelry technology and through teaching the transcendence of the worldliness that brings suffering and binding while revealing the Ultimate Truth. Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji show humankind how to best play gracefully through the nature of this world, and into the True Light of Spirit and nature of being. To learn more, you may read their miraculous story on TwinRay.com.

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