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QCTV: Your 5D Future: What to Expect & How to Prepare with ET Walk-Ins SomRa & Jaraan, plus Azh’ra Kai, ET Ascended Master


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Starseeds and Lightworkers: Wonders await! Are you fully prepared for humanity’s evolutionary leap?

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Have you ever wondered what living in 5D Consciousness is really like and how to get there? What about your Soul’s plans to achieve this profound awakening?

There’s much to learn from spiritually advanced ET civilizations, including their prevalent attitudes, enlightened relationships, and societies based in true Harmony in Community.

Join us and be inspired! Learn from ET Walk-In, Spiritual Teacher & Facilitator SomRa An’Ryka and 12D female ET Ascended Master Azh’ra Kai channeled by ET Walk-In Jaraan Onai!

We’ll discuss:
* Probable and intended futures for Earth
* New Skills and abilities arising, such as telepathy, empathy, and creative expression
* What your Soul knows that you need to know to fully embody Source Presence.


  1. Take the steps necessary to advance human evolution for yourself and others.
  2. Use Oneness approaches to more rapidly resolve impediments and advance your awakening.
  3. Activate your own Soul memory of advanced ET past lives.
  4. Hasten the manifestation of 5D Oneness Consciousness.

About SomRa An’Ryka

SomRa An’Ryka
is an ET Walk-In, Spiritual Awakening Teacher and Facilitator, Visual Artist, and Sound Channel, working in the fields of Energy Psychology, Personal Growth, Spiritual Development, and the Arts. Using a Heart-Centered approach, she assists sincere, self-responsible Truth Seekers, Starseeds, Healers, and Lightworkers to free themselves from their internal blocks to personal fulfillment and living their Divine Magnificence right here in the Earth Plane. SomRa is a representative of a path of Evolution, Awakening, and Ascension developed by a vast collective of ET Masters, many of whom Ascended from various worlds over 355,000 years ago. They offer unique and refreshing perspectives of what it’s all about – this Game and Experiment of descending into Polarity and ascending back into Unity Consciousness.

Since 1989, SomRa has been professionally teaching and facilitating individuals and groups, offering transformative perspectives, practices, techniques, mind-body-emotion healing, trauma recovery, and compassionate clarity. She retired from private session work in 2022 and continues group facilitations, classes, and other offerings that support The Great Awakening towards Heaven on Earth.

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About Jaraan Onai

An introverted empath with over 34 years of personal consciousness development experience, Jaraan Onai (Walk-In) is a natural teacher and facilitator, Energywork practitioner, author, and abuse recovery advocate. He has been the channel for ET Ascended Masters and Angels since 1994. He’s committed to providing enlightened perspectives that advance spiritual awakening. He also enjoys finding the awesome within the “ordinary.”

“I know that no matter how challenging it gets, there are treasures to be found both in the world and within our own exquisite hearts. It’s my mission to help sincere seekers, pathmakers, and Lightworkers find the quickest, easiest, most fulfilling means to manifest their Bountiful Treasures.

When you’re seeking solid solutions, you don’t need someone who’s just read a book. You need someone who’s been through the brier patch themselves and come out the other side better for it. That’s why it’s such a privilege and honor to be the channel for my spiritual Team Mates, who not only survived but soared far beyond their own tremendous challenges to become the impeccable and extraordinary ET Ascended Masters.”

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About Azh’ra Kai

Azh’ra Kai is a 12D Master who ascended from the Pleiades approximately 26,500 years ago. To advance her ascension path, Azh’ra Kai went forward in time for one Earth life as a nobleman’s daughter in what we call Europe’s early dark ages. Her experiences in that life were dark and painful, yet rich with discoveries for her Soul’s evolution. These experiences also helped her expand her understanding of human consciousness and develop the deep compassion for humanity that she shares with groups today. Both her presence and her teachings are uplifting, often soothing, and very facilitative of spiritual advancement.

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