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QCTV: Strengthen Your Inner Stability the 5D Way with ET Walk-In SomRa An’Ryka

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2023/01/31 12:00:00

About This Show

Have you ever been shocked, disappointed, or even devastated to find out something was not what you’d thought…or wanted?

During this transitioning time between the old world dismantling and the New Earth emerging, even the most spiritually dedicated person can sometimes feel worry and instability. It can be difficult to manage. Optimal choices and solutions aren’t so clear cut. Many factors on many planes are shifting simultaneously. A lot of things that were once seen as true and important – whether to an individual or a collective – are being discovered as untrue and/or are no longer relevant. This is a natural part of evolution.

Fortunately, there are many practices, perspectives, techniques, and tools to help us stay in sync and flow with the changes as gracefully as possible.

Learn about Reality from the ancient ET Ascended Masters! Join us as SomRa shares mastery perspectives in her frank, fun, authentic style. She will also be sharing a powerful facilitation to help you anchor into your Inner Stability the 5D way!


  1. Develop 5D consciousness & stability now
  2. Maintain inner stability & peace regardless of outer conditions
  3. Confidently and compassionately resolve emotions when they come up
  4. Use Sound, EFT, and other techniques to assist you

About SomRa An’Ryka

SomRa An’Ryka is an ET Walk-In, Sound Channel, Visual Artist, and Spiritual Awakening Teacher & Facilitator working in the fields of Energy Psychology, Personal Growth, and Spiritual Development. Using a Heart-Centered approach, she assists sincere, self-responsible Truth Seekers, Starseeds, Healers, and Lightworkers to free themselves from their internal blocks to personal fulfillment and living their Divine Magnificence right here in the Earth Plane. SomRa is a representative of a path of Evolution, Awakening, and Ascension developed by a vast collective of ET Masters who Ascended from various worlds over 355,000 years ago. They offer unique and refreshing perspectives of what it’s all about – this Game of descending into Polarity and ascending back into Unity Consciousness. For over 33 years, SomRa has been professionally teaching and facilitating individuals and groups, offering transformative perspectives, practices, techniques, mind-body-emotion healing, and compassionate clarity.

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