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QCTV: How to Fully Liberate Your Aquarian Self! with Sophie Bidard


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Having now fully entered the Aquarian Age, we all are tested in deeper and stronger ways in our ability to hold, express and model the Core Values of Aquarius: those foundational values which are to deliver the promise of Harmony, Balance and the very paradoxical One-ness in Oneness ~ we so long for!

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While we may have done significant healing and clearing work in the past for the purpose of ‘Aquarian Readiness’ ~ it is only now that we can truly measure by experience our ‘Aquarian Fitness’ and we may find ourselves confronted with unresolved issues, limitations, wounds and obstructions… These now need to be addressed in a radical way, so we can move forward as True Aquarians and inspire others, being the driving forces of the Aquarian Civilization.

Fully embracing and embodying the foundational Aquarian Values of Oneness, Wholeness, Connectedness, Collaboration and Uniqueness requires the deep and systematic healing of the core wounds of Separation, Fragmentation, Disconnection, Competition and Standardization.


  1. Heal the unresolved issues, limitations, wounds and obstructions keeping you trapped in feelings, beliefs, loops and patterns of Separation, Fragmentation, Disconnection, Competition and Standardization
  2. Identify how the stress web of karmic entanglements affects your aura and Being in this incarnation (live intuitive readings)
  3. Embrace, embody and model for others the Aquarian Paradigms of Oneness, Wholeness, Connectedness, Collaboration and Celebrated Uniqueness!
Sophie Bidard

About Sophie Bidard

Sophie is a Master Light Weaver, flowing the purest crystalline light from the Great Central Sun for revelation, liberation, and True Self embodiment. A Trailblazer, she opens the path into unchartered territories of consciousness, weaving in light for higher awareness and evolution. Sophie is a Master at upgrading one’s multidimensional perception, by clearing the karmic entanglements and resulting stress web.

Her passion for finding and expressing the Divine within combines with her commitment to breakthroughs, radical transformation and wisdom recollection. On deep exploratory adventures into the personal and collective shadow, she unweaves patterns and whole paradigms of illusion, distortion, obstruction, restriction, disbalance… bridging into new paradigms at high vibrational levels.

She guides you in the reclaiming of your masterful nature, with lightness and flow, turning burdens of the past into guidance for your path ~ gathering pearls of wisdom on your way to revealing the Truth of who you are, to yourself, and to the world!

Academy for the Soul Master Teacher and Certified Intuitive Strategist, Sophie is an NLP Master Practitioner, Master Energy Healer, and she hosts the Rainbow Illuminations show on Academy for the Soul Radio.

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