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QCTV: How to create Multi Dimensional Joyful Abundance for our New Earth

with Susan Reis


About This Show

Susan will be sharing Messages from the Angels with Songs to bring you into your Multidimensional Joyful Abundance!
She will be sharing a Sound Therapy Activation to allow you to feel a more comfortable transition to the New Earth as we move to the Higher Dimensions. She will be sharing tools to assist you in creating more Joyful Abundance in all areas of your life. She loves to share messages from the Angels and will be giving Angel messages in songs live on this call!

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Let’s gather together and have some fun! We have had plenty of the not so fun energies popping up. Let’s take a break and hear from the Angels how to be in the world at this time and how to create Joyful Abundance in our lives and for our world!
Let’s share our gifts, shine our lights and laugh a little – let’s laugh a lot!

Let’s have Joyful energy be our berramintor – our GPS and compass to navigate through all of these changes. Through our hearts and with our joy, we can create New Joyful Possibilities for our New Earth!
Joy is our divine right and Joyful Abundance in all areas of our life is our destiny! We know that this is true! We can create anyway we choose. Let’s create with Joy!

We no longer have to learn our lessons on the path of pain (that’s so old 3D stuff) – we can experience all we came here to experience now and learn on the path of Joy! That is the multidimensional 5D+ energy available now!

As we honor ourselves and the precious gifts we are to the world, as we become our Joyful Abundant selves, we bring Joyful energy to our world that is sooo needed now. As we enter the New Earth filled with new Joyful Possibilities we create the world we can love!

The time is now for us to embrace the new Multidimensional Joyful Abundant energies available to us and create all we desire. Together we can create a world filled with New Joyful Possibilities!


  1. Learn simple tools to bring you to your Joyful Abundant Self so you can do what you came her to do!
  2. Experience Light Language and Sound Therapy Activations to shift you to more yummy joyful opportunities.
  3. Know what a Joyful contribution you are to our world and the next action steps to take to bring our world to be a world we can all love and be grateful for! I am so grateful for all of you!
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About Susan Reis

Susan is the founder of Joyful Possibilities LLC, her company that brings transformational Joyful Possibilities programs to people all over the world! She is a certified Sound Therapist and Certified Medium. She uses Angel Songs, Sound Therapy, Light Language and consciousness tools to bring people to their greatest joy and contribute more positive energy to our world! She has been acknowledged as one of the top 43 Healers in the world. She has been doing Tele-summits and teaching classes around the world for over 30 years. She is an Internationally Best Selling Author and has been featured on National TV giving readings to people on the Streets of Sedona. She says- “I love to share my gifts and help others share theirs, that is my Greatest Joy!”

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