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QCTV: Healing & Integrating Villain Personality Role with Tena Cacic


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Victim consciousness is subconscious programming that sabotages our sovereignty and freedom and keeps us locked in a fear-based, scarcity, ego mind 3D reality.

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There are 3 victim roles the majority of humans play: victim, savior, and villain. In our world, it is okay to be a victim or a savior. However, not many people are ready to recognize that they also have a villain part inside themselves. Perhaps you are in touch with self-sabotage and can’t figure out why you keep defeating yourself, or you are often meeting people who are angry at you. The one who defeats you and appears in the form of angry people in your life is a part of you who is deeply suppressed, a villain part of you.


  1. heal the victim’s consciousness
  2. villain personality is developed
  3. discover repressed emotions and clear it
Tena Cacic

About Tena Cacic

Tena Cacic, PhD, a writer, speaker, scientist and teacher in love with vibrational communication, has a remarkable story. Before the intensive journey into the deepest corners of darkness, Tena mainly lived happily and in love with life. However, challenges started when she met her husband. That relationship showed her the mother’s pain of losing a three-day-old baby. It taught her the rage of a wife whose husband gambles and the heartbreak of a woman whose beloved man almost dies mentally ill. In just seven years, among other things, Tena journeyed to a hell of helplessness, fighting to save her disabled daughter. Finally, the essential sentence dad told a five-year-old girl in Lybia when she imagined a balloon, which magically appeared, led her from the ninth circle of hell to a blessed life in heaven on earth. She proved what her father said was true: “You only have to wish; it comes true.”

A PhD in communication blended with innate intuition helped Tena find solutions for extremely intensive emotional intensities. She explored and tested numerous personal development techniques, protocols, and modalities to find the three most effective. Furthermore, Tena explored many scientific theoretical approaches to clarify inner and outer worlds. She (re)discovered and learned that humanity is in transition from victim/scarcity/separation/materialistic to sovereign/abundance/unity/integral-vibrational paradigm.

Today Tena, who lives with her husband (same one) and two children in Croatia, continues to research vibrational communication and explore business and education in the integral-vibrational paradigm. In addition, she creates educational and vibrational clearing programs in English and Croatian language followed by presentations and workshops at international conferences.

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