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QCTV: Time To Upgrade to the New Time Energies with Barbara Canals

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Have you been feeling like so much triggering and emotional unbalance is coming up for you? Like you are so tired of all the repeating patterns and reactive mechanisms? Are you ready to embody Source Spirit/Higher Self, your True Self, your Heart Essence and be of Service?

As we move further on our evolutionary process more and more of our ‘stuff’ is going to be coming up for us.

These deep patterns/wounds/issues/programs/conditionings are coming up for you now more strongly than ever before to be really looked at. It is your shadow, being ready to be looked at, acknowledged, understood, loved and transmuted in order for you to jump into a Higher Frequency. Know that these shadows/core woundings contain our gifts, our jewels and our talents.

You are now being called to come into your True Self, to ground Spirit/Higher Self into your body and move forward in your Dharma. Learn how you can access this core unconscious wounding/conditioning and transmute the energy so you can come into your Power and Truth and understand the meaning and importance of taking the steps to come into your Power, for Yourself and for the Whole.

You do not need to live in limitation, pulled in a million directions without knowing who you are and feeling self judgement and shame. It is time for you to understand that none of it is yours, to Honour the whole of yourself and step into your core; your Truth & your Power.

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  1. Understand how the more you are responsible for your energy the more our collective reality shifts!
  2. Think about simplifying your life – so that you stand in your center instead of being pulled in thousands of directions.
  3. Learn how to transmute the energy of core unconscious wounding / conditioning.
  4. Learn about key Balanced High Frequency treatments to bring you (Spirit/Higher Self) into your body.
  5. Understand the importance of doing this work and how important you are to the Whole.
  6. Learn about all the potentials there are for you once you step into your Self and your Power, not having to be liked but owning your own Love.
Barbara Canals

About Barbara Canals

Barbara Canals works with the New Time Energies which are High Vibrational Dynamic, Love-Intelligent and Balanced energies. The energy knows where to go within the body and cells of each person. She transmits these energies through the Languages of Light and through AuraTransformation (a touch based method to Crystallise the Aura, the body and for Embodiment of Spirit/HigherSelf).

Her mission is to bring forth the New Time Energies to people that are ready to step into this Golden Age being fully responsible for their own energy, embodying their Spirit, expressing their Dharma/mission and living with Balance on All Levels.

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