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QCTV: How Mediumship Can Help You Create a Life You Love, Today! with Vicky McGrath


About This Show

I am a psychic medium, Certified Life Purpose Medium and Certified Mediumship Teacher and soul exchange walk-in. I am passionate about helping women discover their own spiritual gifts! I do this by offering mediumship classes and mentorship.

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In my divine classes, clients feel supported and loved as they discover and uncover their sacred, spiritual gifts and move forward into life as a medium.

My clients are women who know they are meant for more. Their daily life may have lost its lustre and they feel a deep calling from their soul but may not know what to do with the calling. By taking my class, my clients are able to step fully into the light of their soul, into their sovereignty as a spiritual being and become, if they wish, a spiritual entrepreneur, sharing their gifts and talents with the world.

My 6 week group classes and 90 day mentorships are offered online so women can participate from anywhere in the world. Once clients have completed my class or mentorship, they are fully capable and ready to start sharing their mediumship with the world.


  1. discover the many aspects of mediumship
  2. learn about a soul exchange walk-in
  3. understand if mediumship is the path for you
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About Vicky McGrath

Vicky is the founder of Vicky McGrath Spiritual Arts and provides Mediumship classes and mentorship for people all over the world. She has appeared on podcasts and YouTube and has recently started her own YouTube Channel, interviewing Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs. Vicky hopes to continue to travel the world to help people discover their spiritual gifts.

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