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QCTV: Dream Power: How to Dream & Manifest Your Best Life with Virginia Palmer, Ph.D.


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You learn some techniques to program/direct Night Dreams to create a happy, healthy and abundant life. I guide you to the Temple of Dreams in Lemurian to meet your personal Lemurian “Dream Team” – Dream Weaver, Dream Tender, Dream Keeper, Dream Stealer, Lemurian Dreamer and Mysterious Other.

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You are given Ritual for “Dream Asking”. I take you through “The Initiation of Light” to enhance your Dreaming vibrations as well as a “day-time” technique so that you are “Dreaming & Manifesting 24/7. You learn how to access your “Dreamers” to receive deeper insights, interpretations of your Dreams and you receive tips for remembering, recording your Dreams. We discuss the many physical and etheric benefits of Dreaming. As an astrologer, I discuss the QUANTUM Evolution with the recent movement of Saturn (structure) into Pisces (Dreams) AND Pluto (Transformation) into Aquarius (New Earth). We’ll touch upon how your astrology chart reveals the Dreamer within, best Dreaming transits and the Unlimited Power that you Receive from Planets, Stars and Dreams.

You will have brief introductions to the Dolphin Dreamers, the Faery Dreamers, the Sirius Dreams and other Galactic Dreamers who dream themselves into our Quantum conversation! As you become more proficient as a Conscious Lucid Dreamer you anchor your Night Dreams in your daily life, have fun Receiving Dream messages asleep or awake, expand your Imagination, access The Unknown.

Dreams are a pure, direct channel for you become more Intimate with your Destiny, your Soul, Higher Self and God/Goddess All That Is. We will seed Personal and Global Dreams for Self and the Planet – Creating & Manifesting The New Earth. Dreaming Is Receiving!


  1. Awaken the Dreamer Within
  2. Direct your Night Dreams to Manifest your desires
  3. Meet your own personal Dream Guides, The Lemurian Dreamers
  4. Connect more deeply with Your Soul, Higher Self, God/Goddess All That Is
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About Virginia Palmer, Ph.D.

Virginia Palmer, Ph.D., Conscious Lucid Dreamer, Intuitive Astrologer, Transformer, is founder of Resources Unlimited Human Development Foundation. She has a BA in Journalism; MA in Counseling and Guidance; Ph.D. in Human Development. Virginia laid her Spiritual foundation as a teenager when she began reading “self-help” books in her pursuit of her Valued Self, Higher Self, Spiritual Guidance and Service to Others. She has spent her personal and professional life learning, teaching many varieties of these endeavors. Virginia was a Counselor/Instructor at Austin Community College, Executive Director of People for Parks, (Los Angels); Leadership Trainer for LA County Parks; Tennis Professional, Seminar Leader; Therapist; Transformation Coach. Virginia is certified in the following: Vitality Meditation, Neuro-Linguisitc Programming, Western Astrology, Reiki, Ennegram Personality Types, Inner Child Dynamics and Conscious Lucid Dreamer.

DrV has developed the following programs: The Dream Power Series; Dream Mapping, 7-Steps to Greater Success; Conscious Lucid Dreaming, The Global Dream Community and The Conscious Lucid Dreaming Certification Academy. Virginia is committed to assisting/inspiring YOU in transforming any/all blockages in becoming/being Your Personal Greatness, Living Your Dreams and Evolving the planet into The New Earth

Virginia is author of StressWorks; Leadership and Group Dynamics; Personal Management Pattern; Faces of Power, A Guide to Personal Empowerment; Vitality Meditation Practice; The Seven Faces of Soul; Dream Mapping, 7-Steps to Greater Success; Conscious Lucid Dreaming24/7; Dream Power- Its Time to Live Your Dreams.
She lives in Austin, TX.

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