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QCTV: How to Manifest & Create Through Your Heart with Long Term Tangible Results with William Linville


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This topic is being offered to simplify & demystify the art & simplicity of manifesting.

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This level of manifesting goes deeper than mind over matter. It is about creating & connecting with all of yourself & the whole universe, etc. This is about accessing more of your finite, uniqued abilities (your natural Abilities) of welcoming forth your pure direct manifestations into your physical life.


  1. Connecting with your true self
  2. Opening yourself up to receive from the Universe
  3. Accessing & simplifying manifesting & creating

Archived Quantum Conversation

Listen to an earlier Quantum Conversation with William Linville and his walk-in Experience

William Linville HS2

About William Linville

William Linville is the embodied clear conduit of presence and clear creator consciousness whom has transcended all of the lower levels of the physical form, as well as all of the carnal levels of the physical makeup that came with his embodiment which he stepped into on a surgery table in 1996. He is here on the planet to assist you to clear out all of your mental, physical & emotional conflicts and misperceptions that have held you back from fully marrying your higher levels through your lower levels.

Working beyond space and time, William is presented with your light-realms, as well as you within and throughout all levels of creation, to assist with releasing and dissolving all of the density, debris from misperceptions and conflicts within the mental, emotional, subtle pain bodies & all that is affecting the physical. He then assists your body to begin to vibrate faster by marrying the higher levels of you – your creator levels, your manifest levels, your light bodies – integrating into this realm through your physicality as you wake-up, lighten-up, emanate and express within and throughout your world and all of creation as a whole.

William Linville teaches no belief system and is not affiliated with any group or organization. William Linville just IS. William works with each person, group or business in their own individual uniqueness, as well as for the highest and best good of all concerned.

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