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QCTV: Galactic Shamanism & Timeline Bridging
with Xi Earthstar Healer

About This Show

In this Quantum Conversation,  Xi shares her personal stories as a inter-planetary grid-worker and gatekeeper, working predominantly in the collective psychical realms.  Through sharing her fun adventures interacting with higher-dimensional beings, the astral military, and psychical mass mind control technologies, she hopes to inspire others in Activating our Super Powers, and engaging in Timeline Bridging.

We’ll talk about cultivating and using of our higher (psychic) sense capabilities to heal, clear and restore distortions and degradation in our consciousness, spirit and DNA caused by life in the false controlled matrix.

In support of the massive efforts in healing and repairing all distortions in our multi-dimensional reality, my team and I have been diligently working on this exciting project to bring forth “Advanced Lightwork”.  It can be seen as a modality of self-healing and soul activation.  It is a source-created light technology here to assist humanity in healing from “planetary sexual enslavement”.

This is a “post-disclosure” project ~ it means it is for people who have gone through their personal “disclosure” event, who are aware of the false matrix and the systems of domination control – this offering is a path towards the “what’s next”: Complete reclamation of our own soul and energetic sovereignty, healing of damage and distortions done by the mass mind control, and living a free life on the Earth in recognition of her magic.

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