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QCTV: Sacred Worlds Game with Yukia Azorah Sandara


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Gather your family and friends, open your hearts and minds and play a game that will help you discover your inner Golden Child.

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Sacred Worlds, the cooperative adventure game for all ages, is a path that opens the doors to Spirit, Creativity, Nature and, most importantly the discovery of Self.

Find your inner golden child and learn more about your gifts each time you play Sacred Worlds.
As you progress on the journey, your voice, imagination and emotions help in making decisions that benefit all the realms and return the world to harmony.
Every time you play, the game is different! The random combinations of Character, Tool, and Adventure cards assures you learn, experience and feel something new each time.
Sacred Worlds has been designed and transmitted from Source ,using a simple but engaging approach, it uses storytelling and playful imagery to teach about different aspects of human consciousness.
The game is mostly played in play groups or classes as there are no specific rules or regulations for playing this game.
Children grow up fast, but their spiritual lives remain a mystery.
They are filled with questions about life and the universe, but their parents aren’t always able to answer them. Sacred Sacred Worlds is here to change that!

This board game for kids/parents/Grandparents/ teachers assist them how to connect with their source consciousness, a deeper connection which allows them to sense what’s going on around them and leads to true inner peace. Through the game’s fun and engaging gameplay, they’ll be able to unlock their true aspects , higher versions potential from the realms of nature and the unseen, while also building trust in themselves.


  1. Why the Sacred Worlds Game was created
  2. How the game benefits adults AND children of all ages and backgrounds to discovery their Real self
  3. To enrich relationships between Parent/educators and children
  4. Why we are all connected to each other, nature and the universe
  5. To design in co-creation a new enriched relationship, between parent/child and a new learning educational model curriculum customized to your child’s Soul/heart & natural gifts and needs.
  6. To co create with your children and as educators and build a foundational bridge that guides both parties to explore and grow together.
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About Yukia Azorah Sandara

Yukia Azorah Sandara is a coach/mentor who works on a multi-dimensional Ascension Soul level to empower others. She has dedicated her life for the past 35 years to assist humanity in the current planetary shift and is now using these gifts to help others discover their own spiritual gifts.

Yukia has studied quantum wisdom from the stars and planets through Higher Learning Universities, from her guides and her inner core group “The Sun Elders”. From a very early age she mastered many teachings and healing technologies through the languages of light, both written and spoken which she has shared with her spiritual community since 2008. She augmented her full embodied awakening with interaction in indigenous cultures and sacred sites around the world.

Yukia communicates at the level of soul consciousness, through her many multidimensional aspects. From these experiences, she has created her new “Sacred World Game”. The birth of this interactive adventure for children and adults together, was inspired by her amazingly gifted grandchild Rafael, who exemplified the innovative, creative, expanded awareness, many children are now bringing forth that are not being addressed by the current educational system.

The Sacred Worlds game will help children and parents unlock their spiritual gifts through creative and co-creative play, critical thinking, adventure and fun! It is an educational tool that opens the minds and hearts to sacred realms and reconnects us with nature in meaningful ways.

Yukia is a guide & mentor of conscious evolutionary change and transformation both in the Corporate World and in the Light Worker Community. In her long career in Human Resources, she specialized in Organizational Development, Change and Transformation.

Amongst her many accomplishments, Yukia is also the author of “Passage to Luminae” published in 2009 under the name Yukia Atika.

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