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QCTV: “The Quickening” – The time for the spiritual super cycle evolution is now with Zalah the CFT

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If you are reading this, chances are that you are in your Quickening.

What is “The Quickening”?
The Quickening is where many things in your life are starting to become magnified. You chose to be born at this time to be part of the Quickening of the human race.

This process is intended to bring you to your spiritual awakening. The only safe place to be in The Quickening is peace and love, as matters become more and more magnified as we evolve faster and faster. This affects different people at different levels depending on their sensitivity and their choices.

Life and humanity are changing rapidly at this time. This is meaningful because with that speed comes magnification. Whatever emotions, perceptions, or challenges you face…they will become seemingly larger with this magnification.
It’s little wonder then that so many of us are overly caught up in our worldly experiences, so much so that we can’t appreciate the necessity of developing our connection to spirit and our consciousness.

With the application of our consciousness and the development of our spirituality, we can achieve a different sort of magnification – the magnification of our only safe place, love and peace.

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Zalah the CFT

About Zalah the CFT

As with many of us, Zalah’s life had come to a point where the past begged transformation to regain sanity and make sense of the world.

His quest for a new path led him to get free of everything that had come to define him, including a successful career in finance. He’d had enough of selling his soul for the corporate goal. From the outside, Zalah appeared to have the “perfect life.” Inside, he was confused, miserable and wondering, “what is life really all about?” Many of us have had to lose ourselves to find ourselves.

Zalah decided to go deep within spiritually. He found a real Master in another country and studied under him for seven years. He subsequently returned to the city only to face the task of growing through huge challenges to discover and live his new integrity. He learned when the truth sets you free, life starts to really happen “for you” instead of “to you.”
Zalah chose to utilize his transformative adventure of the soul to give back by teaching and founding The Centre for Transformation™ (The CFT™) in Calgary, Canada. His new book is “The Big Three….. Three ways Spirit is trying to get your attention and how to get back into the flow.”

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