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Activating your Crystalline DNA and Higher Heart Consciousness with Zoe Davenport

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Our 12 strands of DNA are activating through intention, thoughts, feelings, words, sound and being in a state of presence with each moment of breath. This is bridging the gap between the old world and a new crystalline matrix of divine flow, unconditional love as karmic timelines are collapsed.

Where are we now in the evolution of the heart and how does activating your DNA affect your life, health, wealth and connection to source creator and higher self-consciousness?

Just as we “think” we are done there is always more to clear, cleanse and activate as the wealth of our DNA remembers our blueprint, our pathway to the higher realms of potential, bringing through an abundance of light to this holographic experience. Creativity flows, synchronicity activated and the soul path is lit up every step of the way through flow state.

How can we access this?, How can we activate and what’s coming next for ascension?

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