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  Join New Earth Journalist Lauren Galey in heart-opening, consciousness-expanding, high-vibe conversations with leaders in Consciousness, Ascension, Spirituality and Self-Empowerment.

Broadcasting to a Global Community of Lightworkers, Wayshowers and New Earth Leaders!

Quantum Conversations – connecting you to the Greater Part of You – Infinite Possibilities, Infinite Love and Infiinite Mastery.

Quantum Conversations offers you a Quantum Leap in Personal Transformation as we live and create from the Heart anchoring in higher cosmic frequencies and ushering in New Earth. Register for these free daily shows and enjoy a High Vibrational experience that will fortify you, center you and allow you to expand into your greatness and Mastery.

We see the world is changing around us as the old paradigm falls away….and instead of clinging to the old, I invite you to join me and the world’s great spiritual luminaries, teachers and healers as we show you how to use this incredible opportunity to create the new paradigm or New Earth, by living in the heart. As all the great sages teach us, This is where our power lies, so join me on Quantum Converastions as we dance our way to the Cosmic Heart.


Empower Millions & Raise the Vibration of the Planet

This series will EMPOWER & ENLIGHTEN you in your remembrance of your true mastery and your Divine Purpose for being here on this planet. Each Quantum Conversation will assist you in moving into and staying in the High Vibrational Frequencies of Joy, Unconditional Love, Gratitude, Praise, Compassion. These are the creative forces of the Universe that will change your life…and you’ll be shown how to use them by world-renowned spiritual teachers & healers who share step-by-step processes, meditations, activations, visualizataions and information in every show.

Learn how to MANIFEST new, desirable change in your life in an abundant and prosperous frequency. You can tap into this FREQUENCY or VIBRATION and really step into your True Mastery of Co-creating your reality using Universal Laws of creation!

This free event is an online gathering of people from around the world just like you, who are like-minded and ready to embrace the true essence of who you are ” a brilliant, magnificent, great Being of Light ” here to live your purpose, change the world and co-create Heaven on Earth.

You’ll get an email from us with links to listen to EVERY SHOW your computer, phone or webcall with Online Replays 24/7.

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Free Registration to Quantum Conversations!

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