Quantum Conversations


Patience Parker: Bridging The Gap Between Spiritual & Physical Worlds With The Intent Of Healing Both.

As an honored and humbled medium i am blessed to assist those seeking healing by connecting with their loved ones that have passed over.
As a clairvoyant, with divine spirit working through me, i am able to communicate with your guides and answer your questions regarding your past, present & future.
Working as a medical intuitive & energy healer the last 15 minutes today will be a group healing through a guided visualization technique.


Sandra Walter: 2020 Timelines and The Next Level of Embodiment

The December- January Gateway is a heightened, transformational passage for all. Widespread Embodiment is on the rise, bringing us into a new collective experience. Sandra shares how to prepare for and engage with these energies, codes and influxes, and create your brightest 2020 vision!

Magnetic shifts in Gaia’s core and grids amplify the New Earth dynamics, node points, and your own energy fields. These adjustments open the crystalline pathways to the New Earth experience. Many of us are realigning our meridians to handle more light, and experience the higher realms consistently. Our Higher levels and star families may help us; Sandra shares on best practices for interraction.


Arcturus Ra: We are Human & We are ET

Arcturus Ra remembers his Galactic Self as a starfleet commander and he’s here on Earth to assist in bringing forth New Earth Technologies. He shares wisdom on the Shift in Consciousness.


Lauren Galey: New Frontiers in Sound Healing with Plant Music

Quantum ConversationsBroadcasting High Vibrational Frequencies to Empower, Inspire and Elevate Lives.Enjoy this Episode with Featured Guest New Frontiers in Sound Healing with Plant Music with Lauren Galey About This ShowWe know in our metaphysical teachings and experiences of life that Music lifts us up and Plants (and nature) lifts us up. Together – the music of…


Meg Benedicte

Meg Benedicte: Living in 5D

Heart vibration opens door to 5D earth plane
Unlearn dysfunctional 3D patterns and programs
Contain personal space and stop empathing others
Live according to Universal Law of Sovereignty
Learn non-attachment
Master the Ego
Eliminate parasitic behavior and relationships
Live in Unity Consciousness
Open the flow of abundance…and many more 5D tips!


Lemurian Heart Temple

Experience a guided meditative journey into the OneHeart and OneLove that Lemuria once was and still is in our hearts. Soul Singer Shirley Irene Ponto leads us on journeys that take us into our multidimensional Selves where we meet with Ascended Masters, Archangels and Spirit Guides. This is a special presentation of these on-going, bi-monthly meditations in our heart-centered group. We begin our session in dedication to Healing Mother Earth and we offer you a sound frequency infusion of the Music of the Orchid. This is the actual music of the orchid as the energy signature of a flowering orchid was captured and converted into musical notes. The Orchid is of Lemuria….and it’s beautiful existence here reminds us of the Love Beauty and Grace of Lemuria which still is present in every cell of all humanity.


Vandana Atara Aura: Divine Doctoring, Spirit Surgery & Soul Recovery

In this quantum healing transmission, you have full permission to lean in & tap into cosmic christed healing from your magical multidimensional medical team.

This is a unique opportunity to trust that you are never alone & that your soul assigned healing team is always on call to ease your mind & soothe your soul 24/7.


Kara Goss: Balancing Your Spiritual Needs with Your Family Duties: Living From The Heart

Do you ever feel like holding a balance between raising a family and spiritual practice is nearly impossible at times? Feeling as though you have to sacrifice either your spiritual practice or your families needs?
Kara Goss, mom of four, knows the challenges involved with navigating the spiritual awakening and attempting to maintain the everyday needs of her family.
In this podcast, Kara will share her story of parenting on her spiritual journey.