Quantum Conversations


Anna Francesca Celestino: Reading the Akashic Records to Heal and Grow

In this Quantum Conversation, we’ll talk about how to work with your intuitive guidance to help you gain healing and clarity on current challenges, relationships and life decisions. Intuitive Anna Francesca Celestino shares easy ways to connect with your higher self and tap into the Akashic Records for guidance.


Addison Ames: Get to Know Your Soul! How to Know Yourself Through Soul Work

Addison Ames talks about Soul Work and how through personal Soul Work people can understand their mission, purpose, and reason for being. In this conversation, Addison outlines what the Soul is, what it does, and how to get to know your Soul. He will also talk about channeling, how he channels, and then channel Metatron, a high dimensional being specialized in ascension, spiritual development, and evolution for all creation, including Earth and humanity. Metatron helps people with their own personal ascension and provides teaching which can transform, enlighten, inspire, and challenge.


Aurora: The Path of Light

Our physical world is full of miracles! From photosynthesis, to combustion, electricity, and molecular bonding, this new curriculum from Aurora explores and describes in new ways the Divine consciousness phenomena unfolding around us all the time (including time, itself.)


Lowell Johnson: My Visits to Telos and Multidimensional Light Experiences

I’ve been to Telos within Mt Shasta – boots on the ground, invited in by the Lemurians there and that experience was meant to be shared with all of humanity. It is one thing to think of communicating with Extradimensionals (as my friend Reuben Langdon would put it), but my contact wasn’t about beings from other places in the Universe, its about beings that have been here on Earth long before our current memories would suggest. This retreat has manifested into the first opportunity for me to share in a live environment my visit to Telos and how that has integrated into my life ever since. Recounting that afternoon always raises my vibration – imagine that while taking in the energy of Sedona, it should be memorable.