Quantum Conversations


Alicia Power: WHO Is Mentoring Me – From The World Of Spirit?

Alicia Power and her senior spirit mentors will open the subject about your intimately private reasons for incarnating in this physical plane. A master telepath, Alicia channels her senior guides seamlessly – so as the discussion expands, listeners receive powerful light downloads that lift their ability to hear important messages, as well as receiving high frequency light upgrades of their aura.


Dorian Light

Dorian Light: Holographic Bio-Film

Psychic Energetics Founder Dorian Light introduces the “Holographic Bio-Film” which is YOUR Divine Blueprint and Schematic for Beauty, Health & Perfection.  She implements this Bio-Film for you to use on a daily basis to help yourself to heal all parts of yourself.  She also introduces her work with Energetic Cell Renewal which goes hand-in-hand with the Holographic Bio-Film. Humanity is in the mist of a health crisis on Planet Earth so please join me to see how you can use the Holographic Bio-Film to help heal yourself and your loved ones.


QCTV Maya Boston: Your Evolution Is Now!

Become the best version of yourself! This hand picked quantum energy series of meditations and activations, combined with gong sound bath and Light Language (Light & Sound, the two creative frequencies of the Universe), assist with understanding and releasing old energy patterns, allowing you to embody higher levels of your awareness.


Sydney Campos: Awaken Your Intuitive Gifts

Ask yourself..what’s not working in your life and how do you want to FEEL, operate, ALIGN, allow instead? Could it be time for you to revolutionize your entire relationship with life, especially with your power, your purpose, your prosperity and of course your pleasure? You will be initiated to meet your truth in ways you have never before imagined possible.


Kathleen Nagy: Your Body’s Musical Key

Discover how to hum your way to health. In this Quantum Conversation with the Sound Lady, Kathleen Nagy, who reveals that your chakras are the hardware your body uses to distribute your emotions into your cells.


Boris Aranovich: The Monicor

Learn how a new system for health checks and treatments, ”Monicor”, presents completely new opportunities for human health. During a few minutes of scanning, you will see the complete functional status of the entire body and all its organs as well as the body’s stress levels.