Quantum Conversations


Charlotte Shanti: Guided Tour of Lightship City of Light Scandinavia in the 5th Dimension

You are hereby cordially invited to join us on a 5D guided tour where we explore Lightship City of Light Scandinavia. Here we will meet starbeings corresponding to the group of participants either live or on replay. We meet in the NOW. Maybe we will meet The Andromedans, The Arcturians, The Pleiadians, The Sirians or… the list is endless. We are excited to welcome you and look forward to meeting you.


Althea Provost: The Goddess & Egyptian Temples

Back from a spirit-led adventure in Egypt, Althea Provost shares her energetic notes, the vibrational states experienced and her excitement to offer a live interactive course to illuminate, educate and empower our collaborative relationship with divine consciousness.


Dawn Crystal: Unlimited Energy Series

Discover Sound healing frequencies channeled through Dawn Crystal’s voice from “God” Creator. Eliminate lack of energy, Fatigue and general tiredness in only “Minutes” !!!

In this program give your Physical body a Boost to feeling more Energized, revitalized and ready to take on any challenges in your day!


Lemurian Donna Carol: Introduces you to the Mother Goddess of Ancient Lemuria

Lemurian Donna Carol is the original channel for the Lemurian Mother Goddess, an ancient aspect of Prime Creator. The Mother Goddess lived on a continent in the Pacific Ocean that sunk long ago. This original Garden of Eden was the homeland of the sacred feminine principle. Here, divine nurturance, fertility, communication and love were the normal way of life. It is Donna Carol’s divine soul mission to bring this energy back to Terra Nova, or Earth.


Alicia Power: The Next Phase: Creator Beings Ask for Help From Humanity

It is our turn to attend to the frequency that governs our global consciousness.
For 3 decades Creator Beings Above All Universes have infused their Golden Frequency into this Universe, galvanizing an immense project that has diverted a catastrophic scenario where Darkness may easily have ruled our World.


Viviane Chauvet: Arcturian Healing Arts

Our Arcturian Healing Arts program includes three levels designed to assist people in embracing their multidimensional nature as cosmic divine beings. 
Ultimately, we assist earth human beings to evolve consciously and cosmically as we return to embody the Universal Time Matrix. Viviane works in partnership with her Arcturian delegation of the fifth and sixth-dimension intelligence.