Quantum Conversations


Bruce Goldberg: Metaphysical Hypnosis

Take a journey in hypnotherapy to connect to the Superconscious Mind otherwise known as the Higher Self to raise your frequency. In this Live Webinar on zoom, Dr. Bruce will explain how self-hypnosis works, and then give an experiential group session for Regression/Progression & Time Travel.


Erica VanEaton: Accessing the Quantum Field to Facilitate Transformation

It has been through the birth of my oldest son that was born with Down syndrome and we later realized was on the Autism Spectrum, that my journey into the world of energy and healing began. When he was born we had an instant connection. Even though I didn’t understand the concepts of consciousness, spirituality, or energy healing at the time I began to hear and understand the world through his eyes. He taught me the power of communication and how it affected him. He also taught me how to play in the Quantum Field to help create a memory for him to step into the physical world. He taught me how to heal.


Alicia Power: The Next Phase: Creator Beings Ask for Help From Humanity

It is our turn to attend to the frequency that governs our global consciousness.
For 3 decades Creator Beings Above All Universes have infused their Golden Frequency into this Universe, galvanizing an immense project that has diverted a catastrophic scenario where Darkness may easily have ruled our World.


Althea Provost: The Goddess & Egyptian Temples

Back from a spirit-led adventure in Egypt, Althea Provost shares her energetic notes, the vibrational states experienced and her excitement to offer a live interactive course to illuminate, educate and empower our collaborative relationship with divine consciousness.


Tom Paladino

Tom Paladino: Healing with Tesla’s Scaler Energy Applications

Tom Paladino is a scalar energy researcher and has 25 plus years experience helping people with chronic pathogenic illness. So far, Tom’s work with scaler energy has dismantled over 175,000 pathogens which contribute to illness. Listen in to this amazing show and learn about this exciting new energy that is available for the first time on the planet! scalar energy is also known as prana, chi, radiant energy, zero point energy, qi, orgone.


Dawn Crystal: Unlimited Energy Series

Discover Sound healing frequencies channeled through Dawn Crystal’s voice from “God” Creator. Eliminate lack of energy, Fatigue and general tiredness in only “Minutes” !!!

In this program give your Physical body a Boost to feeling more Energized, revitalized and ready to take on any challenges in your day!