Quantum Conversations


Lisa Transcendence Brown: MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EARTH (NOW): Re-associating Perceptions is Imperative (KEYCode)

Join us as we discuss an alternative “new way” to identify/see/associate, as well as various tools for SHIFTING our entire perception of all that we once believed. ALL are IN a massive awakening, transformation and Soul Consciousness Expansion progress right now. Each phase is different and relative to physical density and Light. Our DNA holds the CODES for all. This sharing is an activation of each’s higher consciousness DNA Strands and Codes through presence, openness and readiness to receive and utilize/implement as Pure Love Consciousness here.


Larry Campbell: Ancient Technology Healer & Copper Tool Technician

Quantum ConversationsBroadcasting High Vibrational Frequencies to Empower, Inspire and Elevate Lives. Enjoy this Episode with Featured Guest Ancient Technology – Copper Healing Tools with Larry Campbell About This ShowLarry Campbell receives and channels messages from Ancient beings, the Arcturians, Plaedians, Ascended Masters and other Sacred Spiritual Beings; guiding you into a deeper understanding within your…


Vandana Atara Aura: Divine Doctoring, Spirit Surgery & Soul Recovery

In this quantum healing transmission, you have full permission to lean in & tap into cosmic christed healing from your magical multidimensional medical team.

This is a unique opportunity to trust that you are never alone & that your soul assigned healing team is always on call to ease your mind & soothe your soul 24/7.


Lisha Antiqua: Healing Money Trauma for more abundance.

Quantum ConversationsBroadcasting High Vibrational Frequencies to Empower, Inspire and Elevate Lives. Enjoy this Episode with Featured Guest Healing Money Trauma for more abundance with Lisha Antiqua Enjoy this episode in 2019/04/15 16:00:00About This ShowOver the past 20 years, it has been Lisha’s mission to end the cycle of abuse and one of the ways abuse…



Saryon: Keys to Self Healing and Empowerment

Tap into the newest awareness of what is changing in our evolutionary process. We are all being affected by the incoming light, which can be both accelerating and challenging as the light brings up the darkness within to be purged. Come learn graceful ways to engage the flow of conscious evolution. Discover empowering keys to accelerate your spiritual growth.


Jewels Arnes: The Transverse Element

We created the Transverse Element products for those who are ready or are in this transformation: The ones who are ready to ride the wave of all creation and what it means to truly live in the Unknown space. It is living in this Unknown space that gives us the ability to move beyond the 3D. The space holds a way of being that our minds cannot understand yet; we need to allow ourselves to exist without existing so that our brains can be rewired to higher states of consciousness. In time we will start to have a conscious understanding of what we are experiencing and can move into the next stage of human evolution with awareness. Until then we just know without knowing we are living beyond what we see, or understand.


Aileta Grace: New Earth Messages from the Masters

Join Channel Aleita Grace who is a channel of the Ascended Masters, High Consciousness ETs, and the Angelic Realm. These messages offer support for creating New Earth from a Divine Perspective and will assist you in moving into confident and bold New Eaerth Creations.


Lemurian Heart Temple

Experience a guided meditative journey into the OneHeart and OneLove that Lemuria once was and still is in our hearts. Soul Singer Shirley Irene Ponto leads us on journeys that take us into our multidimensional Selves where we meet with Ascended Masters, Archangels and Spirit Guides. This is a special presentation of these on-going, bi-monthly meditations in our heart-centered group. We begin our session in dedication to Healing Mother Earth and we offer you a sound frequency infusion of the Music of the Orchid. This is the actual music of the orchid as the energy signature of a flowering orchid was captured and converted into musical notes. The Orchid is of Lemuria….and it’s beautiful existence here reminds us of the Love Beauty and Grace of Lemuria which still is present in every cell of all humanity.


Lyon G. Payley Zonamyari & Shelley Ackrill: Three Steps To Healing Happiness and Abundance

Lyon Zonamyari is well known for his powerful Three Step Healing Program. Shelly Ackrill has 25 years’ experience fulfilling her life mission to assist people by clearing negative energy patterns.

Lyon is a Healing Teacher and Shelley is the Healing Practitioner, providing you with two powerful opportunities.

Lyon has a powerful DIY Tutorial Program for Beginners and Advanced to Heal Yourself /Another Person and Animals or Shelley can provide you with One-on-One Healing.

On this show we discuss Lyon’s powerful Three Step Healing Program, now upgraded with Energetic Stem Cell Healing courtesy of Shelley Ackrill.

Shelley introduces us to the world of stem cells. What are stem cells, how do they work and how can this benefit me?