Quantum Conversations


David Strickel: The Stream of David

Join channel David Strickel as he shares the eternal wisdom of the Stream. Learn life enhancing tools via the Tya Spiritual Practice, the daily system that is leading people all over the world to lives of joy, clarity and abundance.


Christopher Tims

Christopher Tims: Crystals for Personal & Planetary Transformation

Christopher will be speaking about the ancient and modern uses of Quartz Crystals. How consciously interacting with the crystal kingdom can bring transformation and magic in a very practical way into our everyday lives. Christopher has also had unique experiences with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull.


QCTV Ambujam Rose: Living As The Awakened Human, The Awakened Heart + Group Power Blast!

Oneness and unity consciousness will continue surfacing and emerging within us throughout 2020. Unity and oneness can truly only be experienced directly, it cannot be explained to the mind. We are moving in this direction more and more every day. As the energy continues transforming on the outside: countless thresholds, transitions and shifts, our human selves will constantly be aligning with our true-selves.


Special Episode with Lauren Galey & Friends

In this episode, we’ll hear from Ascension wayshower Sandra Walter, who says we are opening the Gates of New Earth, so take time to be in the zero point energies present, to receive the energies, to be creative, meditate, be in nature and merge with higher levels of consciousness.


Jane Warren Campbell: Conversations With a Tree & the Mirror Effect

Based on her work with the Freedom Release Technique, Jane will share the power of imagination and how we can change our reality by using our creativity to go into the past, and replace difficult events with more benevolent outcomes. Jane also has a deep understanding of the Mirror Effect and how it can be used to reveal our hidden shadows so that we are able to see what needs to be cleared and released in order to create the life we desire.


Xi EarthStar Healer: Creation Magic

Xi brings us an initiation into the next stage of our collective planetary lightwork. What comes after waking up, after walking-in, after disclosure? We talk about the energies of 2020 and beyond, the importance of embodiment and wielding Creation Magic in real time!


Crystalline Goldenhart: Golden Diamond Heal & Recode to Self Love

Join Crystalline Goldenhart, the Golden Diamond Channel and Recoder brings forth the Golden Diamond Frequency Lightcodes and in today’s Quantum Conversation, she is sharing how to Recode your Mind, Heart & Body to Self Love, Self Worth, Self Belief and I Am Enough and will be channelling a powerful Golden Diamond clearing, Download, Activate and Recode you to the Original Divine Blueprint for Divine Love, Divine Peace, Divine Joy and Magic with the Golden Diamond Frequency Light Codes.