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Featuring New Thought Leaders & Wayshowers: Dr. Edwige, Meg Benedicte, Lisa Transcendence Brown, Lori Spagna, Anrita Melchizedek, Christof Melchizedek, Danielle Rama Hoffman, Sandra Walter, Yukia Sandara, Shirley Irene Ponto, Aileta Grace, David Gibson, Macaya Miracle, Dawn Crystal, Matthew John, Elizabeth Wood, Gene Ang, Judy Cali and Dorota Rozmus.

You’re invited to the Soul Shine Solstice Celebration

12 Hours of Activations & Meditations for an Empowered 2020

Celebrating the Solstice

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This free event is a gathering of people from around the world as we celebrate the Solstice, together as OneHeart in union with our Beloved Gaia.

This streaming audio event offers dozens of “Activations & Meditations” for raising your vibration and consciousness, and we invite YOU and your friends and loved ones to join us!

This is the 7th Birthday of New Earth, and the 9th year after the 11-11-11 Activation of our Crystalline Essence/DNA. As we complete this 9 year cycle that began  on 11-11-11, we stand on the precipice of a New Decade that is a 4 year (2+0+2+0=4) representing a strong New Foundation of Integrity, Unity, Love & Oneness.

The New Earth Terrace is firmly in place as more hearts awaken and open even more to the Love and Light of the Universe, All That is, Mother/Father God.   From the perspective of Higher Consciousness, many on the path are creating anew, bringing in New Systems, Ideas, Creations, Solutions that are in alignment with Love in harmony with Gaia.

It’s a High Vibration Event and it’s all free – you just need to register below to access the Streaming replays.

Soul Shine is your doorway into higher wisdom with Activations & Meditations for High Vibrations
These programs are designed by spiritual teachers and healers specifically to raise your vibrations – your energetic frequency – so you can access the higher energies of your Soul – also known as your Authentic Self – so you can allow it to Shine with great Love and Light out to the rest of the world.

These Meditations and Activations will inspire you, help you find your center of bliss, tap into creative Source energy, and align with the incoming frequencies that are supporting great, positive change in our world. 


Please share in this event with your friends and loved ones The spiritual teachers and healers that are gathering for this event will raise our group frequency in meditations .

This Free Online Event is streaming audio 24/7

Listen Online Anytime or Download MP3s

A 12-Hour Online Event Marathon of Activations and Meditations

(streaming until January 1, midnight pacific) 


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Join us in this High Vibrational Event!

Comments from last year’s event:


Oh my goodness. What an amazing series. Love, love, love this. Life altering. I will be indefinitely investing in listening again. AMAZING! Feels like I found my tribe of Sojourners, speaking my language and I deeply understand.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
In gratitude and Joy!  ~Diana

Lauren, I want to thank you so much for this wonderful three day listening event!!
I am in bed with a cold/sinus infection and these shows have been wonderful for me.
Again, thank you and much gratitude!  Enjoy the blessings of the Season!
~ Noel

Thank you for this beautiful blessing – I really appreciate you!

The Soul Shine is soooo awesome and high frequency. The best synergy of beautiful lightworkers indeed bringing forth the activations and meditations!!! I was so immersed all three days. I know I have been catapulted to greater love and aspects of my self. Beyond awesome indeed.Much much much love love and gratitude for the light service that you do.
~ Melody

Thank you Lauren – the event was fantastic.

Beautiful Blessings Lauren Galey!!!  Thank You for this lovely Heart/Soul Retreat. My weekend has been filled with Joy, Joy, and More!
~ Soleil