Quantum Conversations

Upcoming Guests – Season 27

Riana Arendse: The Seraphim Order 333 Trinity Initiation

You will understand the purpose of the pain body and the importance of healing it. For many millenia you have been dealing with this concept of time, in certain ways but now it’s time to start dealing with time in a different way. She will be sharing fascinating insights on the difference between how we perceive time and space and what they actually are. How to go beyond clearing, processing and healing to a life that is created from your soul’s abundance, consciously designed by YOU. Riana will share about freeing yourself from the matrix limitations and claiming yourself as the CREATORS. PLUS Riana will be doing Live Intuitive Readings!


Erik Roth: Aquarius Stellium and Mercury Retrograde

The sign of Aquarius is one of the two primary themes of 2021 due to both Saturn and Jupiter being in this sign together after the big conjunction on the December Solstice. For several weeks, Mercury will spend its time also in the sign of Aquarius, going retrograde on January 30th for a period of 3 weeks. This is an especially important time as Venus and the Sun will also be in Aquarius. Squaring all of that will be Uranus and to a lesser degree, Mars, both planets in the sign of Taurus. The whole aspect configuration will truly be felt by all of humanity. Aquarius symbolizes an expansion of consciousness, breaking through with the mind, out-moded paradigms and cosmic view of the world. There is a humanitarian idealism associated with Aquarius as well.


The Now Show: The New Renaissance with Audrey Light Language

As you stand in your sovereignty and Divine birthright as an embodiment ,a spark of the Divine making the unmanifest manifested we are here taking part in the greatest story ever told. Audrey through morphogenetics, linguistic wave genetics tonalities of vibration of frequency helps return you to your natural balance


Mahalia Michael: Trauma Recovery with Brain Bliss

Would you like to finally let go of the past traumas, communicate your wisdom with ease, increase your riches, feel nurtured in relationships and dance into your dream life? Our Brain Bliss Light Sound Technology optimizes the electrical current, vivacious voltage in your brain, heart and body to one of a highly tuned musical instrument.