Quantum Conversations

Upcoming Guests – Season 29

QCTV Christine Day: The Current Pleiadian Agenda

The Pleiadians talk about our enlightenment process and how we can navigate ourselves and align to the higher order of light which is anchoring on the planet. They bring clarity on the illusion which is holding you back in your awakening. They talk about self empowerment through this clarity allowing you to take your next steps forward.

The Pleiadians bring information on the energetic Earth changes and how they are affecting you in your day to day lives. They share how these new streams of light can be utilized now for your own accelerated awakening in your life. They talk about the importance of activating your pre agreements to support you in the unfolding of your mission here.


Ruth Kramer: How To Live a Life You Love

Ruth loves to give strategic steps that are divinely guided with practical application to create an exciting journey on Earth and those focus areas include: Loving Relationships, Purposeful Business & Career, Vibrant Good Health, and Home Comforts.