Quantum Conversations

Upcoming Guests – Season 27

QCTV Julie Umpleby: Aligning With the New Evolutionary Impulse

In this quantum conversation, Julie will share the cycles of evolution as defined by holographic waves, each defined by aspects and specific qualities of Universal Mind. We will discuss our next big evolutionary leap as humankind in terms of these waves – specifically what is known as the Ninth Wave – and how we can manage our journey more effectively and with ease.


QCTV Christina Winslow: Access your Sacred Soul Consciousness Realm™ with Brainwave Frequencies for The Winter Solstice

This Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ Winter Solstice Regression is like no other, you will journey with your Soul Consciousness Realm™ and receive information through connecting with your subconscious mind, unconscious mind, conscious mind, the universal mind, and the unified field of consciousness, while being supported with the healing SOUNDSYNCTECH™ Brainwave Frequencies created specially for this experience.


Alicia Power: Creator Beings Upgrade Humanity

30 years ago, when the worlds of spirit introduced Alicia to her next level guides…. She would never have believed she was about to meet Overseers of All Universes. In this soul training with Lauren, you will also be introduced to these Senior Guides, you will learn HOW to move your life forward quickly, and how to partner with these Beings to change realities.