Quantum Conversations

Upcoming Guests – Season 22

Lemurian Heart Temple

Experience a guided meditative journey into the OneHeart and OneLove that Lemuria once was and still is in our hearts. Soul Singer Shirley Irene Ponto leads us on journeys that take us into our multidimensional Selves where we meet with Ascended Masters, Archangels and Spirit Guides. This is a special presentation of these on-going, bi-monthly meditations in our heart-centered group. We begin our session in dedication to Healing Mother Earth and we offer you a sound frequency infusion of the Music of the Orchid. This is the actual music of the orchid as the energy signature of a flowering orchid was captured and converted into musical notes. The Orchid is of Lemuria….and it’s beautiful existence here reminds us of the Love Beauty and Grace of Lemuria which still is present in every cell of all humanity.


Sheryl Ann Noday: One of the Many Gifts of Channeling Is Growth

Lets chat about personal growth that is the precipise of channeling, the undenying shadow intergration that comes with all authentic channeling. Raising ones vibration is far more than techniques or exercises. When one is willing to look to the past to reep the power there in, great movement within the Soul is experienced.
Lets talk about why July 23 is the most powerful day of the year


Adria Wind Horse Estribou: Why Did Lemuria Fall?

Have you ever wished in your own life that you had the knowledge of what was to come before it happened? Lemurian knowledge is arising in human consciousness now to avoid history repeating itself. To listen to the guidance and wisdom of those who lost an entire civilization bears witness to saving ours. The loss of knowledge, the loss of light, is such a subtle thing. Please let us not be unguarded in a time of great ascension and light. Then we can ascend without a fall.