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White Eagle Journeys with Abram Mills

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For 25 years, Abram Mills has been working in partnership with Ascended Master White Eagle, otherwise known as Haiawatha of the Iroquios Tribe, and he assisted in the creation of the US Constitution.  Together, they create an opening for people to touch their own hearts.  Enjoy this introduction to Abram and White Eagle!

In April of 1973, Abram Mills was awakened to the presence within. He witnessed the most exquisite Light and recognized it as the Christ, and realized that he had come back home. He practiced and managed to remain connected, in spite of him self and shares many  accumulated tools and techniques in this episode. As a cabinet-maker-business owner, he trained in Alchemical Hypnosis and used the techniques with his clients. Abram loves making things out of wood, and will always enjoy creating in that medium. But, his days of hanging out in the woodshop have come to an end. He was told in the early 70s during meditation, that my work would begin when things would be quite chaotic.  Abram’s heart is only focused on serving, teaching and healing now, using the tools he’s gathered and tapping into the Infinite reservoirs of wisdom and love which is within each of us.

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Abram Mills

Abram Mills brings to the Alchemical Process, his own gifts which include speaking and singing in a Light Language which seems to primarily be of the Earth and the various indigenous peoples. Mostly, Abram follows his own inner guidance and he invites you join White Eagle and journey within.

Abram Mills

About Abram Mills

Abram, born Jack, began his spiritual journey of this lifetime while still in the U.S. Navy in the early 70s. One night he sat down at his desk in the barracks room in Keflavik, Iceland to write down everything that had happened in his life to that point. His future was not a rosy one, if you had asked him back then. At 3 in the morning, he read over the 15 pages, got no clarity and from his gut, he wrote “WHO AM I???!!!”. He had no deity in his life, but a deity answered. Within a year, he was discharged, returned home to Wyoming only to realize that he didn’t fit there anymore. Jacksonville, Florida next and while there, he read in print for the first time, “God is Energy.” It all clicked. Transcendental Meditation followed and that quickly led to a young boy from India. One night, in a room in a Hilton Hotel in New York City, the Light turned on inside. My forehead became a movie screen with the most beautiful thing my eyes have never seen. Infinite Christ Light and Sound and then off to some place by simply following the Breath, someplace still unknown to me. When I returned to consciousness, I was filled with Love and the most incredible peace. The next morning I went jogging and I felt like I could run forever. No tension. I had just met God inside myself. It was truly Grace that lifted my frequency up so that I perceive that Light and feel that Love. That Grace is ever present and available whenever we open our hearts and minds to it.

That was 47 years ago. It has been a blessed life, and now is most beautiful part, just beginning Now. Now we pull back the veils, throw off the amnesia and reveal to the world just who we are. I am never going to receive a final answer to the question, “Who Am I?”.