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The Architecture of DNA with Acurda Melchizedek

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If we continue to look at DNA only thorough the lens of our now science, we will never be able to activate the infinite quantum potential encoded for our evolution. What if we gift ourselves the opportunity by looking deeper into quantum DNA, as our universal Master Ancestor?

Being in wonder and curiosity of the structures and architecting of DNA. Where all recorded data streams has ever happened and everything that will ever will be is a configuration of consciousness through DNA quantum light packets. The true multidimensional genetic inheritance and infinite potential of our collective soul experiences with all beings, matter and universal laws, in all dimensional levels as the source of the expansion of our Soul and Universal conciouness.

Your DNA is a 12 dimensional antenna with the morphogenetic field. When we understand the fractal 12 strand template this creates resonant coherence frequency that opens the 13th harmonic. Another set of 12 strands open. Creating a new proportion system of light, 24 stranded DNA. activating the data packet of light for 24 dimensions of expression. New Humans with a new light body.

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Acurda Melchizedek

The light of our DNA is transforming matter creating quantum holographic forms. Our holographic overlays are coming from our thoughts and frequency patterns in our DNA. These are the old millennia stories and archetypal programs we have played out. We can clear and recode our DNA for new zero point archetypes with DNA architecting. Architecting our DNA with light, geometry and consciousness. You can restructure the fabric of your DNA for a new genetic lineage.

This is the power of conscious DNA.

Acurda Melchizedek is architecting DNA through light and geometry with mutidimentionaionl 12 strand DNA templates of our future.

In this Episode of Quantum Conversations, we’ll explore:

  • How do we create DNA?
  • Why is it encoded with our past, collecting our present experience data?
  • How are the 12 strand DNA temples changing for out future universal human expression?
  • How do we architect our own DNA?
  • What is our Galactic potential through our DNA?
  • How does DNA correlate to multidimensional access?

You are a magnificent infinite being of light, it is your birthright.

with love

About Acurda Melchizedek

Acurda is a specialist in working with the multi-dimensional aspects of DNA. She teaches people to access these codes in their holographic blueprints and re-code them in order to live into their highest potential. It is her passion to teach people to heal their DNA, and show them how to clear destructive DNA patterns from their ancestral lineage, trauma, and dis-ease, and re-code them for activation and alignment with their wholeness, soul light, mission, and purpose. She works with the holographic body, sacred geometry, akashic records, the crystalline grid system, and other multi-dimensional realms. Acurda is leading programs on the transformation of the 144 stranded DNA for the evolution of humanity and leaving a new genetic lineage.

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