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Conversations with Archangels Channeled through Adria Wind Horse Estribou

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2018/09/11 16:00:00

About This Show

The specific love and guidance the angels have for us is soul-affirming and life altering. What if we could see in our own lives what the angels see for us? What if we could ask for insight about the deepest mysteries and our most heartfelt wishes? What if we could feel profoundly at peace with how things are right in this moment? These are the gifts the angels bring.

The perspective the angels bring is quite different than looking into the future from a psychic viewpoint to see what are the probable outcomes in your future. The perspective the angels bring is quite comforting and different from day-to-day reality. The angels’ viewpoint often centers around the wishes of your own heart, in this and other lifetimes, and how the circumstances coming into your life are placed there for particular reasons.

This perspective can give you more insight into personal relationships, financial dynamics, work decisions . . . giving you more information about past life connections and soul purpose reasons for things happening as they are. So that as you move forward with decisions on creating your future you have all the information you need.

Please call in to the live show to ask your question of the angels!

Archangels Raphael, Gabriel, Michael and Uriel are most frequently the angels that come forward to answer your questions through this channel.

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Adria Wind Horse Estribou

In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. Live channeled group message – what archangels see for us collectively right now as humanity shifts.
  2. Live QA ask the angels a question for your highest good.
  3. Experience the soul-affirming peace, compassion and love of the angels’ messages for us.