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Embodiment : What’s Healing Got to Do With It? with Aileta Grace

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We are all feeling something rather sensational right NOW. All points of divine reference confirm we are in the midst of a great unfoldment … the divine embodiment of our great spirit. The opportunity we possess for the resulting mystical insights calls us into acting from the highest possible levels of divine human experience and service to one another.

What is divine embodiment and how does that translate into our daily lives? How do our encounters with the world around us affect our individual divinity and growth? The goal to become purified vessels of divine Christed love has been the bedrock of our spiritual journey. Still, we are evolving as conscious and conscientious humans, who face routine obstacles and challenges that “seemingly” are in direct contradiction to the well BEING our divine mastery has already conferred upon us. To be Human is to endure. Finding the grace note of our combined humanity and divinity while both aspects of us work in tandem is key.

Arch Angel Raphael has prepared a healing meditation encoded with angelic light frequencies for a healthier more vibrant physical vessel. Ascended Master Dwual Khul will chime in, and there are surprise messages from the great pioneer Louise Hay and others. Louise came to Aileta one morning in September and began sharing thoughts of the contributions so many are making to create a new, more harmonious and glorious world, as well as advances in wellness. Her body of work, still relevant and beautiful today, still touches so many hearts.

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Aileta Grace

Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Aileta Grace

In this Quantum Conversation, we will discuss the healers among us; self-healing, and the essentials of how we can achieve optimal levels of wellbeing. How do we invoke from deep within to obtain greater awareness about the power we have to self-heal as well as, to influence and assist others in their quest for whole health? What role do divine guides and otherworldly physicians play in our decisions to obtain and maintain optimal health?

We will discuss the basics, common principles and methods which guide our bodies to abide by our loving directives. How do we discern the underlying causes of dis-ease. Has the truth of who we are elevated our abilities to recreate/restore cells, heal and reverse the “aging” processes of the body?


Production Note:  We are always amazed and thrilled witnessing the synchronicities of our shows with important dates.  Unknowingly, when we scheduled this show, and Aileta Grace brought through Louise Hay, we realized later that the show aired on Louise Hay’s Birthday. She would have been 93.  No wonder she wanted to come forth and was also recognized by Archangel Raphael as an “Angel Among us.”