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Developing Divine Confidence with Aileta Grace ~ Channel of the Divine Realm

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What is Divine Confidence? It is when we radiate the inner peace that comes from knowing that all is well and indeed in divine order. After we have engaged in what seems like endless clearing for ourselves, others, and Gaia, have the building blocks of effective release led us to radiate the spiritual wisdom of our new era of consciousness still unfolding? Or, are we still struggling to find that point of certain knowing despite the journey of surrendering all that does not serve to the universal field of healing? Aileta Grace will be discussing this topic and delve into what our divine guides, wayshowers, angels and ascended masters have to say. She will  channel surprise and recurring guests from the divine realms!

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Aileta Grace

In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. The new beings incarnating on new 5D earth – the gifts they bring and the LOVE/Support we have for them
  2. 2019 is an auspicious year of unfolding new opportunities and manifestation capacities. How can we intentionally benefit from the energies and create new desirable realities?
  3. Addressing ascension exhaustion, loneliness fatigue, self-doubt and lingering FEAR resulting in “inaction”