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Enter an Auric Workshop With Creator Being Spirit Healers with Alicia Power

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This session with Alicia Power will take you higher in your spiritual development. You will play and ‘workshop’ with your mind, learning ‘who’ you are, exploring your soul’s heart – and all under the tutorage of Master Creator Beings of this universe.

They will guide your attention carefully, so that your deepest understanding evolves gently, into new awareness – of you as spirit.

These beings do not take this privilege lightly – they understand you are hungry to awaken in this lifetime to your highest soul expression.

And so, along with your conscious self’s new choices and clarities – your deepest consciousness fabric and soul archives will be rewired and transformed.

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Alicia Power

A soul archaeologist and master auric healer, Alicia always incorporates core soul upgrades in her presentations – as this is her deepest service to humanity.

Be ready with pen and note paper to explore your heart and soul on paper as spirit surgeons read your soul’s needs and rewire your consciousness!


The Message a participant received in this session: 

So glad to have been able to share, following is the response I got from the second trigger question …
Love in Action
Humanity pulling together
So very grateful, for the love and compassion, caring nature of so many
Love and Harmony Flowing, despite the fear being felt by many
Love is the only answer.
So much Gratitude for you and Alicia and all on this call incredible call
Much Love