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Season 14 — Episode 22: Master The Art Of Being Mentored by Creator Beings with Alicia Power

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Probably your soul understands by now that it WANTS to ACCELERATE its ABILITY to be clear, strong, empowered and literally held in the hand of senior levels of love in spirit.

Probably deep within you, is a voice asking for awakening that NEVER falters or becomes confused.

Probably inside your deepest heart is the memory activating, to PROPEL you into your HIGHEST soul manifestation – the reason you have entered physicality. To bring LIGHT to darkness. To hold LIGHT very high indeed – above the distractions of life. So it is seen, clearly – and recognized.

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Alicia Power

Here are a few things that you will discover on our call:

Alicia brings 25 years of direct training from Creator-Level Spirit Tutors to you in this discussion and talk with Lauren. Her heart is ready to speak directly about who these Creator Beings are, why they are interacting with humanity, why this is a peak time to work with them.

  • Meet a Creator Being Guide – and begin your relationship.
  • Be connected to their LAYER of LIGHT that accelerates your remembering.
  • Discover a relationship that could awaken you PROFOUNDLY.
  • Learn HOW you can PARTNER with High Authority Reality Mentors

You will discover more about why this reality is present in physicality, and why YOU chose to show up at this time…. Did your heart want to be here? Why?


“I am very excited that you are validating everyone’s journey no matter where they are reaching out from and I am thrilled that you can offer simplicity of technique backed by the powerful energies of your CEO team to help light our journey forward. Many Blessings to you Alicia, and to all souls on this journey together.” – Maria