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What is Your Life Purpose with Alicia Power

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2019/03/22 16:00:00

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Life Purpose is often misunderstood, and can be much simpler than at first imagined. In this Quantum Conversation Master Healer, Alicia Power will allow her Creator Being Spirit Tutors to speak through her, and reveal the truth of a human soul’s opportunity in their lifetime. Alicia has partnered with CEO-level Spirit Mentors for 26 years, and the daily maturing of her soul under their training has brought her deep understanding of each moment’s purpose. You are here for a critical reason – at a critical time in the season of soul awakening. This is your moment, and your soul needs you to wake up to your full awareness of yourself. The activating frequency of the Creator Beings will be felt by your soul during this conversation. Their accelerating vibration will awaken you as you listen.

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Alicia Power

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  1. What is each moment for? What is its purpose?
  2. How can you easily ACCELERATE your progress in your purpose?
  3. What is your soul’s agenda?