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When Light Moves Mountains with Alicia Power

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Alicia Power works with High Level Creator Beings and today she is here for another Quantum Conversation to reveal how reality is formatted beyond our expectations. When we cry or are deeply upset, we sometimes call out for help from our Spirit Helpers. (Maybe always!)

Yet when we are living our everyday lives, feeling happy and fulfilled, do we set our daily intention with our Spirit Mentors – to create the day you ‘hope’…. This lecture directly from Alicia’s Creator Being Spirit Mentors will shed light on how our vibration ‘intends’ – no matter what our inner state.

Speaking our joy-filled hope to Spirit Mentors does not sound enlightened or empowered. However the opposite is true. In this Earth Classroom, you are alone.

And only your Spirit Mentors are present with you – teaching you: empowerment. They are also teaching you that you have support in this powerful holographic classroom. And that their support is critical for you to ascend higher than you first imagined for this Earth journey.

There is a level of empowerment that is astonishing. And it is definitely by claiming sovereignty. Yet our fears and unconscious doubts play across our reality screen.

When we partner with advanced levels of light beings, we have the opportunity to become free. And to build a deep freedom at our core. Which then reflects directly within our life movie.

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Alicia Power


  • Why your soul longs for every higher light
  • How to access ever higher light
  • The key ways ever higher light changes your ‘choice’ (your ability to prioritize and recognize your highest self.)