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QCTV: Life is a Playground! Awakening the True Creator Within with Allison Holley


About This Show

Are you fully playing with this life and being a True Creator? Life is not meant to be work, or to be serious – life is a multidimensional playground.

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In this podcast, Allison will share with you channeled information on what it means to be a True Creator in our current world, and how to tap into your spiritual abilities to connect with your guides and interplanetary beings, so that you can live your purpose as the most playful, quantum creator version of You in this lifetime.


  1. dramatic paradigms, and what it means to be a “true creator”
  2. how to channel and connect with ETs and interplanetary beings
  3. What does “play” mean, from a spiritual viewpoint? (playing with consciousness, playing with time, physicality, and creation, etc.)

About Allison Holley

Allison is an Andromedan starseed, open channel, and ecstatic guide. She is the author of the book, The Era of the True Creator, and the forthcoming book, Ecstatic Playground, all about how to PLAY with god-consciousness here on Earth. Allison teaches channeling and assists in awakening within her private membership community, the True Creator Community.

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