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Experience Sonic Alchemy and the Codes of MU with Amma Sophia Rose

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2019/01/04 16:00:00

About This Show

Journey to Lemuria in this Healing Conversation with Amma Sophia Rose who offers Sonic Alchemy which is the vibration of LOVE. Amma Sophia channels the Divine Mother and offers Light Body Code Activations.

She followed the call of her heart and “emptied her vessel” in service to Gaia and received the codes from Earth and her mission to sing them to the world.

In this show, you’ll hear a song to Awaken the Rainbow Light Body!

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Amma Sophia Rose

In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. Learn what means to be a Highly Sensitive Person and gain clarity on your life purpose.
  2. Learn how to transform your sensitivities into superpowers.
  3. Experience a clearing using earth energy to release density and raise your vibration.