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Dream-Weaver of Source Activation & Lightworker Empowerments with Xi Amrita Stargazer

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2018/03/08 16:00:00

Dream-Weaver of Source Activation & Lightworker Empowerments

Active Lightwork lessons and psychic empowerment for lightworkers: light & sound technologies for healing and spiritual fortification. We will talk about the parasitic construct, DNA degradation of humanity, and the Golden Frequency solution. We will experience a group golden frequency meditation and source reconnection session, as well as receive a source DNA activation sound code transmission.

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Amrita Stargazer

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Hello Quantum Family! I am so excited to be sharing with you in the frequency of Source. In tonight’s show we will be discussing various topics which empower the Lightworker, invoke curious and enlightening trains of thought, and activate our Angelic DNA. I have to share with you my experiences, perception of and relationship with Reality and the ever-evolving game-plan in our cosmic thriller of Ascension Earth, as a Millennial Angelic Starseed.

Psychic Empowerment is learning the basic tools which help us feel comfortable and empowered to actively participate in astral lightwork and time-line manifestation! We will discuss the forces which keep humanity in darkness, how to transmute and dissolve entities, astral parasites and implants, and how to become an active agent for Source in a mission to reconnect All back to Oneness, beginning with ourselves.

Dream-Weaving is a term close to my heart and soul, and can also be applied to time-line manifestation. Remembering the Dream-Weaver within You is to become the complete Creatrix of your own Sacred Life. We will talk about the mechanics of reality manifestation, the power of this practice when we are in Alignment with ourselves in All aspects (Earth, Body, Spirit… etc,) and the importance of Grounding into your Body to truly see with Clarity what you are Weaving!

In my Medicine Cabinet are technologies of Light & Sound for Healing and Spiritual fortification. I will be sharing some of these with you as well in the form of Divine Songs from Source!