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The Great Remembering ~~ The Quest for God/Goddess Within with An-Ra-Nae IsisRa

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2018/06/28 16:00:00

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The Journey of Life is the Quest to find the Holy Grail within. Your soul is programmed to return Home to the vibrational frequency of the God/Goddess that you are as the I AM Presence. It is this Sacred Journey, that is referred to as The Path, and that I call The Great Remembering.

The Quest for the Holy Grail is the innate desire of the Soul within each of us to reunite with God/Goddess within. It is the compelling force within us that has led people to undertake the arduous and sometimes lengthy pilgrimages to sacred temples throughout the ages.

It is the feeling that something is missing from your life and the longing for something more—even when all your outer needs are met. It is the still small voice within you urging you to follow the bread crumbs, the hints, the clues and urgings that if you say YES will take you all the way Home.

This Re-membering is the dismantling of the human ego bit by bit and the surrendering to the Divine Will and Divine Plan of your sacred contract with life.

It is the willingness to follow your inner promptings and courageously follow that next YES, overcoming the fears, doubts and opposition from within and without.

It is the Path of Initiation that takes you to your own authenticity, empowerment and fulfillment of your Divine Plan.

Join An-Ra-Nae, IsisRa, as she shares her own Remembering process, her journey as a High Priestess of Goddess~Isis giving Activations for Remembering and what it takes to walk the Path as an Initiate of the great mysteries. Intricately woven within this sharing will be energetic activations and highly transformational transmissions of her Sacred Aromatherapy blends.

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