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The Virtual Goddess – Channeling and Alignment with Gaia on the New Earth with Ana Estrada

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In uncertain times, our greatest skill as Lightworkers is to come into Alignment with the Inner Divinity and to experience ourselves as a Divine Beings of Light in every moment…no matter what the outer circumstance appears to be.


We can CHOOSE to shift from the tendency to remain in Victim or Power Over/Power Under Consciousness to the default position of New Earth Alignment with Gaia and the Inner Divinity.

The current global paradigm shift continues to release the raw chaos of transformation, the Divine Feminine life force, an inner illumination that brings all our shadow tendencies into view. As our inner world becomes more and more transparent, we can no longer hide the beliefs and mental patterns that escalate our confusion and feed our suffering. We are lovingly invited to receive assistance from Gaia and the Ascended Beings of Light to live beyond the patterns of the body, mind and emotions in Unity Consciousness and Divine Sight, that is seeing everyone and everything in the world around us and inside us as Divine. This is an inner experience that no one in the outer world can ever give to us. This experience of Wholeness, Self-Worth and Liberation comes from Alignment with the Inner Divinity. In this way, through the ripple effect of our own conscious awareness seeded into the collective, we may contribute exponentially to the global expansion of consciousness in a way that is sustainable and effective.

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Ana Estrada

Divine Discernment is crucial in these pivotal times of uncertainty. We are constantly bombarded with all kinds of information and opinions which may or may not authentically resonate within us or benefit us in any way.

In this Episode of Quantum Conversations, we will:

  • Activate Divine Discernment in a Virtual Pilgrimage to Mount Shasta
  • Choose the frequencies that we allow ourselves to absorb and the energy streams we inhabit in our daily life
  • Create strong boundaries in our loving interaction with others
  • Unravel ancestral patterns of enslavement
  • Revitalize and recalibrate our DNA with Ascended Beings of Light and the Quantum Light Practice
  • Complete patterns of persecution and hiding
  • Access and awaken dormant energy streams that reveal our unique gifts and talents that we may now confidently offer in service to the world.

Come into Alignment with GAIA & THE NEW EARTH

About Ana Estrada

Ana Estrada is a Quantum Light Practitioner with more than 25 years experience of working consciously with Beings of Light and Ascended Masters. Her graduate degrees in Transformative Art and Spirituality took her to the Amazon jungles and the temples of India where she studied shamanic cultures and visionary art making processes. She is certified as an Intuitive Energy Healer in various healing modalities and serves as a channel for the Divine Mother and her sacred Light Language. Ana offers Quantum Light Alignment Sessions privately and at sacred sites around the world.

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