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Transcendental Sound Vibations:

Songs for the Golden Age with Ananda Vardhan

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2018/06/04 16:00:00

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Join us in a High Vibrational Musical Exploration with Ananda Vardhan, whose Krishna- and the Beatles-inspired music takes us into dance, celebration and Joy. His songs Love is Free, Truly Yours, Soul Free are featured in this episode and he even sings for us on the spot.

Experience the vibration of mantra in music, which brings us into the transcendental vibration of God, Source, All That is.

He also shares his story of how he was inspired to bring forth this music while living in an Ashram in Nepal.

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A Note from Ananda Vardhan

Being inspired by the life and music of the late George Harrison from the Beatles I write English songs with mantra which I hope give deep soul healing and comfort.I wrote a song for George called Song for George which I sent to the Beatles producer, the late Sir George Martin who sent back a note wishing me well with my music- that definitely made my day!

The lives of the saints have always held a special interest for me and fortunately I have had the association of such great personalities which has led me to become a student of bhakti -yoga , the path of devotion.Under their guidance my music is focused on sharing the great healing power of mantra meditation.Hare Krishna