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Awakening to Oneness with Andrea Oneness

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2018/09/12 16:00:00

About This Show

Andrea is here to help you to arise into the Wisdom of the Heart, and become your Divine Self.  Andrea has moved into the Fifth Dimension, as well as many dimensional levels beyond that.  She now fully embodies her Higher Self.

Andrea will share that the only thing that really matters is Love.  Though many of us are confused as to what this really is.  In the end love is all, all is love.  However, we are here to connect with the highest and purest vibration of love.  This is experienced as a soft, warm and eternal embrace.

She will also share what helped her the most in her journey, which was to notice and ‘sit with’ any overwhelming emotions.  To never judge what is unfolding within, but to instead pour love and understanding onto any parts that are seeking release.

Andrea will help you to connect with any healing angelic presences that you need, and bring you up into a state of Oneness with God, or the Divine.

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In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. The only thing that really matters is Love. Love is a warm, soft embrace.
  2. At some point we need to be able to surrender to the Divine.
  3. Being tender with anything within helps to bring it to rest and release.