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Quantum Light Reiki with Anna Carroll

About This Show

We are in the Quantum now and being in the present moment is paramount to our well-being.

Learn 2 easy techniques of how to be in the present moment.

Incorporate Reiki in your daily living using my own modality called Quantum Light Reiki.

Back to the Basics of grounding, centering and being in the present moment.

What is Quantum Light Reiki and Quantum Light Reiki as a gateway to remembering who you are and your purpose?

Connect to your I AM Presence to be in the now moment.

Living guided meditation on whatever the listeners I AM Presence feels is for the highest and best good.

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Anna Carroll

About Anna Carroll

Anna Carroll is a Quantum Light Reiki Master Teacher. QLReiki is Anna’s own modality of Reiki from the lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui, bringing in the quantum energies, frequencies and light through.

Her planetary mission is to be a bridger between the Angels and Humanity from the Seraphim Angels who are known as the Mind of God. Anna receives downloads by the Seraphim Angels and transmits these messages. The Seraphim Angels are using me as a conduit so this frequency is flowing through me as downloads of information, my hands heat up, my kundalini has been activated and my DNA has been changed in order to bring this mission forward to all of humanity. These frequencies transmit through her hands when running QLReiki and her voice by speaking.  Anna brings LOVE and LIGHT to humanity through QLR sessions, readings and by just being!

Anna offers private sessions, QLReiki sessions, distance sessions, QLR certification courses, classes, meditations, activations, light, colour and sound sessions.

“My ultimate mission is to bring LOVE to everyone I come into contact with through all times, places, spaces and dimensions by releasing old patterns, belief systems and conditioning that keeps people from living a happy joyful life through Quantum Light Reiki and all that I do.”

Anna has the ability to transmit frequencies through her voice and her being, therefore, hearing her speak or being around her you are receiving these frequencies.

Anna has the ability to transmit frequencies through her voice, therefore as long as you hear her voice you are receiving frequencies that you need.

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