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Dolphin and Whale Wisdom; Reclaim your Joy, Flow through life’s Challenges and Open to Abundance! with Anne Gordon

About This Show

Discover the Gifts of Wisdom the Dolphins and Whales want to share with you. Learn how you can dive deep into connection with the dolphins and whales with Dolphin Ambassador and Whale Wisdom expert, Anne Gordon.   

Opening a relationship with the Dolphins and Whales will gracefully transform your life to one of Joy, Ease, Flow, Unity/Community, Abundance, Unconditional Love and help you to reconnect to your life’s passion and purpose.

The dolphins and whales are here to help you to live a joyful life, at one with nature and in the flow of life and abundance. There is a wealth of wisdom they have to share with us. They have endless patience and show us unconditional love, despite all the atrocities done to them by the human race. They love us and hold a vision of us living up to our highest potential. When you tap into their wisdom you, too, will remember your purpose, passion and who you are meant to be in this lifetime.

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Anne Gordon

In this Quantum Conversation you will:

  1. Learn the secret to easily surfing through challenges. Go with the Flow to master the art of living in Joy and Play.
  2. Reconnect with the natural state of Abundance as the Whales represent, being the largest beings on Earth, eating the smallest and you never see a skinny whale.
  3. Meet your Dolphin Spirit Guide and open a connection to work with and receive the healing energies from the Dolphins.