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I AM Avatar Light Body Activation with Anrita Melchizedek

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2018/05/16 16:00:00

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In this wonderful transmission with Anrita, we experience a series of invocations to activate our multidimensional Light Bodies, to release fear and experience a loving Heart.

What we term the I AM Avatar Light Body is the collective and individual experience of the New Earth templates, sacred geometries, numerologies and fractal geometries that activate around our physical body, energy field and hologram dimensionally; expressed through the radiance of our Body of Light, our I Am Avatar Blueprint, our connection to Soul and Star Family, and the integration of our Beloved I Am Presence through our lower bodies, as we walk the path of Divine Love knowing we are all One.

Our multidimensional Light Bodies are being upgraded and imprinted with new geometric codes of Light, and the increased Light frequencies of our I Am Avatar Blueprint, to assist us to ground and anchor the next level of our service work in Love, Wisdom and Empowerment as One Unified Cosmic Heart. These changes are now being experienced for all awakened Souls as we walk the Path of Divine Love.

It is with great joy that Anrita will assist us to connect more deeply into these I Am Avatar Blueprint Templates as Flames of Divinity and Co-Creators to the Divine.

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