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Innerversity, Compassion,  Exploration & Expansion in kindness! with Arcturus Ra

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2018/03/14 16:00:00

Innerversity, Compassion , Exploration & Exxpansion

Join us for another Arcturus Ra adventure as we dive into Quantum Converastion with this Arcturian Starseed on a mission to bring New Earth Technologies to the planet.  As we move thru the shift in consciousness, Ra discusses the power of going within to discover and witness how we truly Feel or Fear.    We’ll also explore how we can re-set the subconscious to allow our greatness to spring forth.

In this world of everything as vibration – nothing rests – so we do not cling to absolutes .

“Be like water my friend.” Bruce Lee

Arcturus Ra remembers his Galactic Self as a Starfleet Commander and his role in this incarnation as an Arcturian Starseed.

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