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Flying Rainbow Lasagne : How the Hypertorus affects your DNA with Aurora

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Your DNA has a fluid ever changing shape which determines your health and also what level of reality you are experiencing. If you change the shape of your DNA, and its “dance” behavior, you can not only heal and regenerate your body, you can also return your DNA to its original blueprint of living eternally without decrepitude in divine connection.

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is both a physical dance movement, set of ideas, and waveform shape, created by Aurora on her interdimensional journey here as a walk-in, and it is available as a consciousness cultivation tool to humanity.

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About Aurora

Aurora is a Galactic walk-in, or, an abstract consciousness newcomer to the human form. She came into this physical body, and into this world, in 2001, via a hyper-dimensional portal shape she spontaneously created and named the Flying Rainbow Lasagne.

Since then, Aurora has focused on accurately depicting in her drawings, paintings, sculptures, and animations, the harmonic patterns within which energy flows throughout the cosmos, and on teaching humanity about the positive impact the Flying Rainbow Lasagne shape can have on one’s genetic code.

Although the symmetry and complexity of her work might make it appear to be digital, it must be noted that Aurora’s artwork is actually all made entirely by hand and is produced using nothing more than simple tools such as a ruler and compass.

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