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Embody, The ‘Kaleidoscopic Universe’ and you as a Hologram of the Whole of Creation with Aurora Ra

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2018/05/01 16:00:00

Embody, The ‘Kaleidoscopic Universe’ and you as a Hologram of the Whole of Creation

Enjoy this episode that goes deep into the concept of YOU becoming the Entire Universe!


Our majestic-electric, Universe is a stunning, vibrant multi-coloured Spectrum, KaleidoScope bursting with vibrant expressions of multiple, ‘Worlds within Worlds’ containing Infinite Treasures of Soul to explore…? Each Swirl of the Dial brings Harmonic Vistas of life-giving energy, perspective and purpose to fuel Creative Vistas..

As ‘Absolute of your Atoms’, the Stars transmit to us daily as Holograms of our Bodies to raise atomic structure, igniting Mother-Board Circuitry to uplift, inspire and awaken profound Higher Gateway of Galactic/Human Expression – bravely exploring the Om’ni’Verse within exciting Inter-Dimensional travel…

Our ‘Noble Sun,’ in centre of Solar System pulsates in Liquid-Light fiery Plasma as a reflection of ‘Sun in our Heart’, igniting passion, drive, life-force and igniting “Sun Stage of Your Life’ to perform at Highest Optimum Potential! Majestic Waterfalls roar with ‘Rainbow Conductor frequencies’ activating ‘Eternal Fountain of Youth..’ Gigantic Glaciers, able to change ‘Landscape of Life’ and dislodge mightiest resistance to soul growth, transcending adversity to convert into loving power of Soul Mission & purpose?

Please join us for a super exciting, thrilling Ad’venture Ride into the Heart of our Universe, bursting into Life as you Open your unique iridescent ‘Kaleidoscope of Vistas’ to share with the World?

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