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The Flying Rainbow Lasagne: A Tool for Genetic Transformation and Restructuring with Aurora

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Get Ready for this Quantum Conversation with Galactic Walk-In Aurora who is an abstract consciousness newcomer to the human form.
She came into this physical body, and into this world, in 2001, via a hyper-dimensional portal shape she spontaneously created and named the Flying Rainbow Lasagne.


The Flying Rainbow Lasagne (FRL) is a tool for transcending the limitations that were caused by the genetic disruptions in the human form thousands of years ago.

Aging, decrepitude, and death, and disconnection from the divine are just some aspects of human DNA behavior that can change by using the FRL to restructure DNA. It is also possible to re-awaken the higher faculties of telepathy and seeing with inner vision, and to achieve levels of healing and athleticism that would be defined as “superhuman” or “impossible”.

Learning to do the Flying Rainbow Lasagne (as both a physical sub-cellular dance and as an envisionment) makes it possible to become a genetic virtuoso, where you are directly connecting to the living metabolism of time and playing along with the symphony of life on a grand scale, including innovating some of your own melodies, or creating new possibilities in time.

Just like learning a complex musical instrument, it is not reasonable to expect to become an expert at the Flying Rainbow Lasagne overnight. However, Aurora presents the concepts in manageable bite sized pieces and gives a good overview of what is possible to achieve on this transformative journey if you choose to join the symphony and practice the music.

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