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Ignite The Rainbow Within with Barbara Marie Babish

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The Rainbow Methods came to Barbara Marie in the year 2008. With the Divine Guidance of “The Present Ones”, she has been able to fine tune the methods and now offers them to spiritual communities. If you are wanting to feel the Presence of God and wanting to create the miracles you have been yearning for, start using The Rainbow Methods today!

In the Rainbow Methods, we use the colors of the rainbow in a sacred manner. Each color has a “power” that we can use to help us in our daily lives. Together, the colors synergize to connect us to a Higher Power and helps us create a life of JOY and MAGIC.

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Rev. Barbara Marie Babish

In this Episode of Quantum Conversations, we’ll explore the Rainbow Methods Available:

  • The Rainbow Method of Prayer- for those needing a miracle
  • The Rainbow Method of Meditation to Receive Divine Guidance
  • The Way of the Rainbow Personal Transformation Program-enables you to Explore, Expand and Express your Divine Essence to experience your spiritual quantum leap

And we will:

  • Learn when and where the Divine Rainbow Methods came from
  • Learn which methods are available to you now
  • Be given a brief walk through of the Rainbow Prayer Method
  • Be given the opportunity to receive the Rainbow Prayer Method ebook for free
  • Hear a special message to you from The Present Ones

About Dr. Reverend Barbara Marie Babish, Ph.D.

Reverend Barbara Marie Babish, Ph.D enjoys the life purpose of assisting others in EXPLORING and strengthening their spiritual connection, EXPANDING their experiences of it and EXPRESSING their Divine Essence to the world. She is successful in doing this by providing Divinely inspired services.

Barbara Marie works with lightworkers, heart centered entrepreneurs and other spiritual seekers, to release their blocks to Love and success. If they have a business, they become magnets to their ideal clients. As an important part of this focus, Barbara Marie will help her clients increase their own ability to receive Divine Guidance consistently.

As you can see Barbara Marie is in harmony with her own Guidance by the Holy Spirit and her own personal Spiritual Team of helpers. She is most passionate about spirituality and spiritual growth. If you choose to take part in any of Barbara Marie’s products and services, know that you are not just getting the benefit of Barbara Marie’s wisdom and knowledge but also that of her whole SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE TEAM.

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