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The Language of Light and The Way of the Rainbow with Barbara Babish

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There are many now who channel the Language of Light in their own way. There are various beliefs about what it is and where it comes from. Dr. Barbara Marie shares her own experiences of it with us today. She will tell us of this vibration that flows through her with the love that surpasses all understanding. She will share how she has used The Language of Light to connect with a group of spiritual beings called The Present Ones. It is the Present Ones, who worked with Barbara Marie, to create The Way of the Rainbow:  The Ultimate Meditation System. It has been 10 years of upgrading her vibration in order to share it world wide. She will share the first three color bands with us today!


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Rev. Barbara Marie Babish

In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. What is the Language of Light and how Barbara Marie received this gift.
  2. Various ways to use it
  3. How it has helped bring in keys, codes and activations for herself and her clients.
  4. Give a Language of Light Activation for the listeners: The Heart Opening
  5. The Way of the Rainbow – explain what energy each color brings-
  6. Give an Activation for those who want to activate the rainbow energies within them.