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The Alfa – the Most Accurate HRV System on the Planet –  with Boris Aranovich & Annette Graucob

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The Alfa – the most accurate HRV system on the planet – with a music healing program!


The ALFA – a High Quality system for measuring Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

The Alfa is a simple to use, HRV system with several important functions, incl. an individual correction part by music.

The HRV device Alfa analyses heart and brain activity via the pulse and analyses how any kind of therapy or physical activity affects the body. It tells you what creates energy and what consumes energy in the body, which is important as if there’s less energy created than consumed, illness eventually develop. Among many other parameters, it also measures your stress level, 70% of all disease is due to stress, so this is also very important.

The Alfa comes with electrode clamps to measure your pulse and a software system, which you download to your computer from a usb stick. You don’t ever have to be online.

You’re receiving the absolute latest developed version. This tool has an equivalent in the US, but costs twice as much ($ 6000). The Alfa is unrivalled in terms of value-for-money.

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with BORIS ARANOVICH and speaker Annette Graucob and learn about The Alpha!

The Alfa is so great because you never have to be online to check your health status. There are many various kinds of apps now measuring health parameters, and they use wifi or bluetooth, which often cause faulty scanning due to the EMF emissions. This never happens with the Alfa, the measurements are always 100% reliable. Also, the medical info of these apps is stored in clouds – and, with the current development of AI’s – one might want to rethink storing such essential personal information like that. The Alfa, of course, only stores the info in your computer (offline).
Also, the difference between the Alfa and other HRV systems is that the Alfa has a more sensitive sensor and a more complex mathematical apparatus for signal processing, which makes it possible to obtain more detailed information about the body than other HRV systems. There is, however, currenlty one similar device on the US market with the same high quality as the Alfa, but it costs twice as much as our Alfa offered on your show. With the Alfa, you get the highest quality to the absolute lowest price!

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