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The Monicor & Quantum Health Tools with Boris Aranovich & Annette Graucob

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It’s over 60 years since scientists from different countries began the first measurements of electromagnetic waves’ frequency spectra in bodily organs, body parts and in animals and micro organisms. But a systematic organization of these data became possible first when computers were getting larger memory capacities. And, now, it is possible to measure frequencies, perform effective health checks of the body, discover micro-organisms and perform relevant therapies.

A new system for health checks and treatments, ”Monicor”, presents completely new opportunities for human health. During a few minutes of scanning, you will see the complete functional status of the entire body and all its organs as well as the body’s stress levels.


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We know the human body is not only a physical being but also an energetic and information structure.

Each organ and body part has its vibrations which reflects the biochemical parameters of organs. If problems arise in an organ or body part,  the vibrations there will change, and via those changes we are able to control the physical condition of the body.

That is how Monicor works.  Monicor reads frequencies from the entire body – all organs and body parts – analyses these by comparing with normal values and thereafter shows the health condition. If there are deviations from normal values, the device is able to correct the frequencies and improve or restore physical organs and body parts. Monicor also reads the frequencies of acupuncture points and which points are weak. By selecting the weakest points and also correcting these, Monicor offers the optimal acupuncture treatment –  without needles!

The program in Monicor’s database recognizes the frequencies from the most commonly existing parasites and is able to check if any of these are active in the body.  If so, it is able to eliminate the parasites.

Additionally, Monicor discovers coarse frequencies in the body (0-100 Hz) and corrects these. Coarser frequencies are controlled by finer frequencies,  available in the body’s fluids, cell membranes and in the DNA. In other words, we can, with the aid of Monicor, discover the symptom,  affect and correct its energetic status by strengthening the acupuncture points.

In order to get deeper into the body, we use Aquatone which corrects the body’s fluids and Triomed which corrects cell membranes. Thus we are able to offer a device/system which complements Aquatone and Triomed treatments and also shows the body’s  health condition and our entire energetic structure.

The uniqueness of this tool is that it first analyzes your current health condition and then chooses the precise treatment you need the most and corrects the deviations in various parameters.

Another great usage of Monicor is the possibility to check the health condition when using other therapies and to correct the health status in real time (4 minutes/session) and also to control how the treatment proceeds. It could be with Aquatone, Triomed, acupuncture, zone therapy or aroma therapy etc.

The program shows you exactly how the body reacts on different supplements and other substances. The program also shows you the psychological reason behind a physiological problem.

You can also use the result from the scanning and transfer the information to a small magnetic strip, which you attach to a acupuncture point which the program shows you and continue the treatment at home.

Monicor is easy to use, very inexpensive, easy to carry with you and will most likely (80-90%) increase the efficiency of treatments and thus easily increase the number of clients. But also non-professionals can with great ease use this device/system on themselves to control their health and perform treatments.

Monicor has already received many awards and much praise.

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Boris Aranovich
Boris Aranovich

About Boris Aranovich

Boris Aranovich is a Russian- Swedish scientist, a radio show host, an internationally acclaimed speaker in the alternative health field, a well-known author of 14 books, including Effective Breathing for Modern People”, Doctor Mindand Be the Master of your Health. Boris has been professionally active for 40 years within the field of alternative medicine and has created a number of therapy- and wellness modalities used by thousands of people worldwide. Boris continues to develop new innovative health practices at his company Manniskans Resurser AB.


1987 -1991, Principal at the University of Alternative Medicine, St. Petersburg, Russia.

2003 – Founded the company Manniskans Resurser AB, where he is still MD.

2009 – Hosts a Swedish radio show called “Better and Better Every Day”

Boris Aranovich is also an active member of the organization International Association for Professional Medical Specialists, in the field of both alternative and traditional medicine.

Boris Aranovich has earned a Master’s Degree from the International Academy of Ecology and Life Protection Sciences (IAELPS).

Research participation

1991 – Research at the Institute of Physical Education in St. Petersburg: “Effect of Mental Training on Sports Performance.”

1997 -Research on the effects of ideo motor movements on brain rhythms, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

2010 -Research at Karolinska Institutet: “Effects of a low-intensity electromagnetic field on fibroblast migration and proliferation.”

2011 – “Improvement of Human Health State after Short-Term Training of the SmartBreathe Method”, Shenzhen, China

2013- Effects of Smart Breathe in Community Dwelling Elderly of New Delhi, India

Books and programs

Boris Aranovich is the author of 14 books and 3 interactive programs about health.


Annette Graucob, Marketing Director at MR AB, the innovative alternative health company, which focuses on helping people to restore health and happiness. Annette spent the first half of her professional career as an executive in the international media arena, but some 15 years ago, her focus and passion turned direction completely – empowering people to find their inner strength and joy became much more important. Annette is now able to do so as an intuitive artist, https://www.artbyanette.com/about and as a co-worker at MR AB.


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