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This is a healing modality which is unlike anything else out there. Boris, himself, has created this method, based on the methods of a doctor named Zuev – a doctor who learned this secret modality while spending several years in a Tibetan monastry where the monks were 120 years or older, but looked like 50.

THM is a universal (applicable on anything), mental tool, with special techniques which enable a creation of resonance, or contact, with the body, or a body part or anything. It also allows you to create contact with the structure within the cells.

You will learn how to help your body to restore its own original healing capacity. The method is very effective and can really help people support their health and deal with life on their own – and also be able to help others. Its uniqueness lies in that it’s much more concrete, faster and effective than any other healing modality currently out there.

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with BORIS ARANOVICH and speaker Annette Graucob and learn about

THM helps the body to correct its consciousness, so that the body can do all the healing and restoration and rejuvenation itself. Because the body is able to heal absolutely anything with the correct consciousness and thought patterns.

Is it even possible? Well, with the THM it is possible, because we are using mental techniques which are the vibration which most efficiently affects the body, and with the aid of pictures and animations you will learn how to easily and quickly get in touch,i.e. creating resonance,  with individual organs as well as entire systems in the body and for ex. improve the blood flow to organs and systems and strengthen their energies in a the most natural way, So, with these mental and energetic exercises, you will be able to correct and restore for.ex. the vertebras in the spine , balance the skeleton, eliminate or reduce fears and other negative programs and also get help to achieve our goals in life much easier

The THM, with its secret techniques of Tibetan munks can very effectively improve the body’s inner processes and create miraculous results. Learning the THM modality may radically improve your health and give you the ability to steer your life in the right direction.

We recently introduced the THM to our Swedish audience in a series of webinars, and in only a few minutes, people who were in good resonance with their bodies, experienced vertebras being aligned in the spine, the nervous and the hormone systems becoming balanced, the circulation in various body parts being restored etc.

What can THM do for YOU?

* Reshape your waistline

* Improve ANY organ or system in the body

* Lenghten your legs (!)

* Help you to achieve your goals in life

* Get rid of wrinkles

* Restore your joint and spine

* Increase your happiness levels

* Improve your financial state

* Eliminate fear, stress, phobias

* Fall asleep in minutes

* Eliminate negative subconcious programming

and substitutin these with beneficial programs

* Help yourself, your friends and your pets with the same things

* And much more…

such as:

….help you restore your urinary tract, gastro intestinal tract, hearing, vision, your spine, reproductive organs, immune system, hormone system, nervous system, blood, nose & throat issues, teeth, loose weight, use it for cosmetic purposes, improve the function of telomeres, mitochondira, dna, get rid of negative programs, help you reach your goals in life, increase your memory capacity, help you to become more proficient in reading, Improve your problem solving skills, Increase your creativity, ….so it can do very many things..!!!!

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