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Light Particle Assimilation with Brian David Andersen

Quantum Energy Tools Activate DNA and Provide Nutrients, EMR Protection and More! In this show, we’ll discuss a treatment chamber where substances or objects are exposed to a treatment field of computer generated geometric patterns and electromagnetic harmonics, creating many cellular benefits to all living things.

Nemenhah Medicine Man Brian David Andersen also shares on the latest Nano Oxygen technology that is having remarkable results!

Brian discovered a technology that applies several modalities to the body to stimulate stem cells and attract them to areas of need. All of the modalities are powered by structured electricity created by variations of the Tri-Vortex electromagnetic frequencies. He is also the author of Super Hydrate & Charge your Cells

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Here are a few things that you will discover on our call:

Tri­Vortex Technology is a revolutionary process in health and wellness developed by Brian David Andersen. In 1988 Andersen started out on the quest to find an inexpensive way to treat drinking water so it would provide better hydration.This is technology utilizing safe, secure electromagnetic sound waves with low power lasers to stimulate stem cells and DNA for the replacement of dying cells. This technology puts out a sound wave that is between 60 and 10,000 hertz, and inside of it is a nutrient pack. The sound wave then becomes a carrier for the nutrients. He became a self­taught researcher/inventor/scientist after 20 years as a freelance investigative writer and photojournalist trained at the University Of Missouri School Of Journalism.He is credited with being the first to experience and distribute subtle energy items based upon the new and emerging scientific field called Light Particle Assimilation that has been proven in a successful clinical trial by a traditionally trained Medical Doctor. Mr. Anderson’s focus has always been on discovering the simple truths of our reality rather than just achieving a passing grade, of which is the core emphasis of traditional education.